A Designer’s Truth: Buying Your Interior Style

A Designer’s Truth: Buying Your Interior Style


This guest blog is written by Trace Adams, Director of Lowe & Co Interior Design. You can find her on Facebook and Instagram.

Are you the sort of person who wanders aimlessly around a shop and then impulsively buys something, anything, to take home? Do you bring it home with remorse or a deep fear that it’s not going to match the rest of your décor?

It’s confusing, I know. Think back to my last blog, A Designer’s Secret: Finding Your Interior Style. Based on that, I typically design my clients a mood board of their style. I recommend to my clients they save this board to their phone as a visual aid when you need your interior designer’s advice.

Country-style, Hamptons/coastal, French country or provincial, industrial, mid-century modern, classic, and shabby chic are only a few of the many interior style possibilities. Your style is something that takes time to master and takes practice to implement, which can be baffling at first. But with your newly acquired knowledge, have faith—just ask store staff questions, or come back to your mood board for guidance.

Another thing you should consider that all the best interiors have four basic, magic-making components: contrast, colour, proportion, and balance.

As an example, if you’re into the coastal/Hamptons style, then you may purchase a three-seater sofa in beige or grey linen and two wingback chairs with bold stripes. Then perhaps two timber side tables—consider especially round shapes. Then you could try an old rustic metal chest as a coffee table and a sofa table pressed against the couch. Now that’s proportion and balance taken care of.  

To finish your room, look for a clock, maybe in a black oval metal frame. Add a blue and white vase. Artwork reflection the ocean. Big feather filled cushions that are navy. A tray for a coffee table with a floral arrangement and candles. That’s your colour and contrast. Lastly, a big cane basket for firewood. 1825 interiors has a huge range of furniture collections that would suit this specific look!

Now that we have ‘buying your interior style’ sorted, check out my next blog: A Designer’s Eye: Knowing Your Interior Style

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