When we are merchandising in our 1825 Interiors stores or setting up shots on location for our catalogue photo shoots, our team regularly uses glass to add shine, sparkle, sophistication, and interest. You can achieve the same effects in your home with the strategic use of wine glasses, chandeliers, glass vases, jugs, and canisters. Let your creativity shine through!

Glass accessories are often used as centrepieces or decorative items in the home, but you can make your displays stand out by being a little more imaginative in your presentation. For example, you might decide to use empty perfume bottles as decorative pieces. You may have some of your own, stumble upon an antique collection in a second-hand store, or buy replicas from stores such as ours. Group them together on a pretty tray, place them on a dresser or console table and—voilà!—you now have a unique display that showcases your love of gorgeous fragrances!

You can also try filling glass canisters of various shapes and sizes with lollies, nuts, cotton balls, biscuits, or even seashells. Change their contents with the seasons or as you celebrate occasions throughout the year—for example, you could fill the canisters with Easter eggs, colourful Christmas lollies, or even chocolates for Valentine’s Day. One of our customers chose a large glass canister to display her rare collection of white tennis balls. Think outside the box!

To see the most impressive glassware Sydney has to offer, be sure to visit us in-store. Our friendly and experienced staff will be happy to help you choose the perfect piece for your home, which you and your family will enjoy for years to come.