Always evolving and never certain, the contemporary furniture style is perfect for the Joneses of the world and those who keep up with them. The defining look of new suburbia, contemporary furniture is characterised by clear lines, neutral palettes, and a clear focus on functionality. While it may be fundamentally referential and inspired by historical designs, contemporary furniture is always on-trend.

But let’s face it: contemporary furniture has a bad rap. Aesthetic preferences aside, the truly edgy specimens of contemporary furniture—the designs which so many manufacturers copy—are prohibitively expensive for ordinary families. On the other end of the spectrum, many of style’s critics point to contemporary furniture’s relationship with fast furniture—that is, furniture designed mainly to keep up with trends, sacrificing and quality and shifting hidden costs to workers and wildlife, and encouraging a culture of disposability so people end up spending more on furniture in the long run anyway.

But contemporary furniture doesn’t have to be this way. While fast furniture may have been popular for a couple of decades now, many of us in the industry have been working hard to do things differently. Our specialty has always been reclaimed timber, carefully repurposed by us in our FSC-certified Vietnam factory, and it is this material which you’ll find in many of our contemporary furniture collections. In doing so, you’ll find that we bring our much-loved farmhouse furniture style well into the 21st Century.

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