1825 Interiors is a proud stockist of the gorgeous rug collection sold by Weave Home, the retail arm of Warwick Fabrics.

Weave Home is a member of Care & Fair, an international non-governmental organisation that aims to abolish illegal child labour and improve social justice for carpet-knotting families in India and Pakistan. This is particularly praiseworthy given that all rugs in the Weave collection are exclusively handwoven in India. It is also consistent with our own sense of social responsibility.

The flat weave technique—with which all Weave Home rugs are made—is ancient, artisanal, and adaptable. Made from natural materials combined with a nature-inspired creative spirit, Weave rugs work well with just about any furniture style—from classic to country, Hamptons to industrial, or mid-century modern to shabby chic. And with cotton backing and braided edges, you can be confident that your rug will have the strength and stability to keep its shape for many years to come.

Our friends at Weave Home have three practical tips for when you’re choosing one of their weave rugs:
• Rugs lighter in colour are best suited for low-traffic areas of your home.
• Consider two-tone, patterned, or darker colours for areas with high traffic or that are prone to spillages (e.g. under a dining table).
• If you’re struggling to decide which size to buy, lay out a sheet, newspaper, or a blanket to see how the dimensions (e.g. 2x3m) will work in your space.

If you’ve got a larger area to cover, layering is a splendid way to go. Consider layering rugs that are either identical or contrasting, depending on what sort of mood you would like to create for your room. Again, using sheets, newspapers, or blankets is an excellent way to experiment with sizing and gauge how layered rugs will cover your room.

Please take your time to browse the collection of Weave Home rugs on our website. Alternatively, you can see and feel our weave rugs in Australia up close up close in any of our Sydney metro stores. Don’t forget to check out our jute rugs while you’re at it!