We recommend using Howard timber care products to nourish and enhance both your new and reclaimed timber furniture. Since 1969, Howard Products have been developing non-harmful, natural and low chemical content products which are free from silicone.

Should your timber furniture get scratched, gouged, or suffer similar types of damage—kids being kids, after all—disguise it with a Millers Scratch Fix Pen. They come in a variety of colours to blend with most furniture stains, and are tried and true, easy solutions that we trust, love, and recommend to all of our customers.

1825 interiors is also proud to offer customers high quality, gorgeous fabric furniture. To make it last, we recommend using Guardsman fabric protection. When applied correctly, it protects your fabric furniture against all accidental stains and damage, and comes with a five-year warranty.

If you're looking for a post-stain solution, however, Warwick's Halo Fabric Spot Cleaner is the obvious choice. It works like magic to remove most small stains.

To make it easy for you, we have suggested an appropriate cleaning and/or maintenance product to suit almost every product listed on our website. You'll find our recommendations as you click on each individual product.