A buffet & hutch is the perfect addition to a dining room. With plenty of space for both storage and display, and available in a variety of sizes and finishes, a buffet & hutch is a real feature piece.

Decorating your buffet & hutch is always a lot of fun because there’s so much room to create a quirky, personalised look. Kitchen buffets and hutches can store all your utensils, crockery and other household items, making them a both convenient and stylish choice for the family home. That being said, coordinating all the items that will be displayed in your buffet & hutch can sometimes seem a little tricky.

When it comes to selecting from a range of kitchen buffets and hutches, we recommend beginning by picking a theme or colour scheme that you can stick with (and preferably one that works in with your existing décor). Next, evenly distribute your biggest across the back of each shelf – this will help to frame your whole arrangement, so take your time until you get it just right. Then you can start adding smaller pieces in front at different depths.

Tip: Playing around with shapes and textures can pay off big time and anything metallic will help bring much-needed light into the whole arrangement.

Our buffet & hutches are made from recycled timber shipping pallets, sourced from all around the globe. This gives our selection of kitchen hutches and buffets an authentic ‘old world’ feel and a tick for being both family-friendly (any knocks and dings will only add character) as well as environmentally sound.

All our buffet & hutches are easy to maintain and come full assembled for your convenience. To see, feel and personally test out our incredible range of timber buffet & hutches, be sure to visit us in store at Penrith, Wagga Wagga, Campbelltown, Fyshwick, Bathurst, Rutherford, or Tamworth. Our friendly and experienced staff will be glad to help you pick the perfect piece for your family home.