There are buffets and mirrors in almost every one of our gorgeous furniture collections. It's not hard to think why: they are, after all, such timeless and versatile pieces of furniture.

Buffet tables (sometimes called “sideboards” if they're not in the dining room) are growing in popularity as a gorgeous and useful storage solution for the family home. They also give us more space to express ourselves, be they through family photos or souvenirs from our travels.

Meanwhile, the humble mirror hangs or leans on a wall, rarely noticed and often under-appreciated. Yet the mirror has always been one of our favourite furniture pieces, simply because of how radically it can transform a space. Need to reflect more natural light into a room? Add a mirror. Need to make a small room look larger? Add a mirror. Need to check for errant lumps of cat fur sticking to your clothes as you're running out the door to work? Add a mirror. Just make sure you hang them correctly!

We love the buffet and mirror so much that we've married them into sets, helping you save while transforming your kitchen (or any other room where you might want to use this furniture). So browse our collections online, or visit our friendly staff at your nearest store when you're ready to buy.