Reclaimed Timber

Where our timber is sourced:
1825 interiors specialises in reclaimed timber furniture which is made from pine shipping pallets, sourced from all over the world. This gives our furniture a genuine ‘old world’ feel and a tick for being environmentally sound.

The manufacturing process:
The overall finish is achieved through a series of steps – sanding, staining, and sealing. This is followed by hand rubbing with bees wax and natural oils to enhance the overall look and feel of each product.

Because each product is hand-crafted, no two pieces are exactly the same. Our furniture is made in the old-fashioned way using the tongue and groove process with free-floating panels and dovetail joints. Therefore each piece of reclaimed timber furniture has its own characteristics and will behave differently.

Free floating panel design:
Our free floating panel design allows for the natural expansion and contraction which occurs in reclaimed timber products. As the timber expands and contracts the gaps between the panels will open and close. Our stores provide special waxes, in colours to suit your furniture, which can be used to fill the gaps.

Wax finish:
The wax finish gives our furniture its unique look. It is also a highly effective way of moisturising the timber and disguising any marks that may occur from wear and tear.

Natural characteristics of reclaimed timber:

As 1825 interiors’ products are all natural, it is perfectly normal for your new purchase to resemble any of the above images. Nail holes, timber knots, colour variation and timber block patches are common and are not considered a fault.

Maintaining reclaimed timber:
When positioning reclaimed furniture in your home, do not place in direct sunlight or close to heaters. 1825 interiors recommends using Howard Feed-N-Wax and Orange Oil to nourish and enhance your reclaimed timber furniture.

Howard timber products are sold in all 1825 interiors stores. Using any other brand of maintenance product may damage your furniture, thereby voiding your warranty.

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