Like modern Mexican food, French country interior design is perfect for indecisive people. If you love the feminine aspects of shabby chic and French provincial interiors, but at the same time find yourself drooling over the raw, rustic, masculine overtones of Industrial style pieces, don’t worry. You don’t have to choose. French country style gifts to home decorating enthusiasts what Old El Paso gave to taco lovers around the world, both of which can be summed up by the now-famous words of a young girl: “Porque no los dos?” (translation: why not both?)

Also known as French farmhouse, French country interiors are, more than anything else, a meeting of opposites. When decorating with this style in mind, balance is key. French country furniture evokes feelings of casual elegance, finding perfect equilibrium in contrasting materials, textures and styles. Antique chandeliers, for example, are frequently (and successfully) paired with huge, rustic, timber dining tables. Wrought iron is softened with floral fabrics and a gentle colour scheme, just as rough and raw wooden crates balance ornate, curvy, Baroque accessories.

From humble beginnings in the idyllic rural villages of France, French country style has since become one of the most popular interior design concepts around the globe, and for good reason: it is simultaneously affordable, elegant and comfortable. Above all, don’t be afraid to mix and match when recreating this look. Keep the word ‘balance’ to the forefront of your mind and you won’t go wrong decorating your home in this casual-yet-sophisticated, inviting style. Shop French country furniture in Australia at one of our showrooms today.