Classic furniture embodies timelessness and simple elegance. Known for its clean, simple lines and hardware, classic timber furniture can be described as halfway between old-fashioned traditional and modern contemporary furniture.

Here at 1825 interiors, we love the way all our classic style furniture finds the perfect balance between fashion and function. Both practical and comfortable, this style is perfect for families and those who don’t have the confidence to put a totally unique look together on their own.

That said, choosing classic furniture by no means implies that you’re destined to create a bland, boring home. Keep it current by updating each room from time to time with contemporary accessories in fresh, new-season colours and/or patterns. Simply swapping old, tired-looking cushions, prints, lamps and rugs can totally transform a space for a fraction of the price of a total revamp.

Whether you shop our collection in store or online, the first thing you’re likely to notice is that we specialise in classic timber furniture products made from carefully selected pine shipping pallets, sourced from all over the world. Our environmentally conscious wood-sourcing programme minimises the impact on our natural environment. This not only gives our furniture a genuine (and incredibly stylish) ‘old world’ feel, but also a tick for being environmentally sound.

To see, feel and personally test out our incredible range of classic style furniture be sure to visit us in store. Our friendly and experienced staff will be glad to help you pick the perfect pieces for your family home.