Furniture Clearance Sydney, Canberra and Regional NSW

The days of everything being matchy-matchy are behind us. That’s handy if eclecticism is your vibe anyway. It’s even more beneficial if you’re on a shoestring budget and still want (read: need) to decorate your home.

And where better to look than the furniture clearance section on our website? If you want to say hello in person, you can also help us with furniture clearance in our Sydney stock-to-go rooms (or in our Canberra or regional NSW equivalents). Everything is discontinued and stock is limited, so once you get something, it's gone—forever!

But before you go berserk, keep these four handy tips in mind.

1. Remember your colour wheel. This stops your home from being completely grayscale and guides your colour choices. For an easy colour scheme, pick your favourite homey colour. Any colour that’s opposite (‘complementary’) or adjacent (‘analogous’) to your chosen hue will naturally work with it. If you’re a bit more adventurous, you could go for a triadic scheme (three colours spaced apart equally on the colour wheel), or even a split complementary scheme (where you pick a colour and the two colours next to its complement). Fancy!

2. Pick the products that add the most value to your home. If you’re growing tired of a particular colour—or scheme—or a particular fabric, why change all of your furniture when you can just change some of the accents? There are almost always clearance cushions, prints, and other homewares that, when paired with your existing furniture, will transform your living space.

3. Less is usually better. Having a home that errs towards the minimalist side leaves you with more inviting spaces and more in your wallet. So, make every piece count, and give your stand-out pieces room to breathe. At the same time, make sure your pieces don’t feel naked. Find your happy middle ground.

4. Avoid lists like this that try to tell you what to do. Your home is your space. Furnish it in whatever way makes you happy.