Once upon a time in a land far, far away, struggling designers and artists were looking for cheap places to live. Searching high and low, day and night, they eventually stumbled across a solution to all their problems: old, converted warehouses. Clever and crafty as these creative spirits were, many soon learned that their need for affordable housing was really an opportunity for artistic expression in disguise! They got to work, resourcing utilitarian pieces and giving them a new lease of life to create a whole new style. In fact, it wasn’t long before others began noticing their designs, and soon everyone was hooked on the ‘industrial’ look. Wondering how they did it?

To start with: Maintain a strict colour palette. The industrial style’s limited colour palette of black, grey, white and the warmth of a little natural timber here and there makes decorating the interior of your home so much easier. What’s more is that these shades have a remarkable tendency to look great at any price point, meaning you can reinvent your space without breaking the bank.

Next: Get wheelie creative. One of the hallmarks of this highly utilitarian style is oversized, usually metal wheels on key furniture pieces – especially coffee tables. If you’re feeling particularly handy, you could create a masterpiece with a worn timber table top, a handful of pipe fittings, some old castors, and a bit of spare time. Alternatively, you could snap up the perfect piece straight off our showroom floor – such as our railway-style Stonemill coffee table, for example.

Don’t forget: Whether they’re metal, or a striking combination of metal and wood, stools can instantly bring an industrial feel to any space. Ensure you go for rustic timber, black or shades of grey for a truly authentic, industrial vibe.

Lastly: Reclaim, repurpose, reuse. When decorating with an industrial look in mind, remember that this style is all about utility. So anytime you come across a traditionally utilitarian piece (especially one that looks raw, a little weathered, or time-worn) think of ways it could be repurposed. There are so many options when it comes to industrial style furniture: a couple of stacked old wooden crates as a bookshelf, a dip-painted tree stump as a lamp table, or a reclaimed timber and granite workbench as, well, anything!

Whether you want to go all the way or simply add a few new pieces of industrial style furniture to reinvent your space, creating an industrial vibe is both affordable and relatively fuss-free. And here’s an added bonus: the rough-and-tough nature of most of the materials and pieces that lend themselves to the industrial style will endure being knocked around a little, making it an ideal decorating choice for families with kids. Begin building your dream home with the collection of industrial style furniture in Australia available at 1825 today.