As professional home-decorating fanatics, we feel it is our duty to warn you of a grave mistake many make, often without realising: family photo overload.

What’s wrong with family photos? Absolutely nothing. However, you must remember that the human brain is designed to notice faces. This means that, in a room filled with images of happy, smiling children and relatives, you and your guests are likely to feel a little overstimulated without quite knowing why—it’ll be hard for anyone to fully relax.

So, why not mix it up a little? Choose your top favourite photos to display and keep the rest safely tucked away in a photo album. You could also try upgrading some of your kids’ best drawings (or finger paintings) from the fridge to a photo frame. This is a unique way to create points of interest throughout your home, and you’ll also get to watch your children beam with pride when they see you’ve put their latest artworks on display for all to see.

Here at 1825 Interiors, our photo frames are carefully selected to complement the seasonal colour collections in our stores. However, we also firmly agree that you should buy decorative items because you genuinely love them, not simply to copy a look you found in a lifestyle magazine. That being said, we do purchase strictly limited quantities, so if you’re fancying photo frames in-store in Sydney (or in any of our locations, really), buy them when you see them or they may not be there when you come back—don’t say we didn’t warn you!

To see our impressive selection of photo frames in person, be sure to visit us at our stores across Sydney, Canberra, and regional NSW. Our friendly and experienced staff will be happy to help you choose the perfect piece for your home, which you and your family will be able to enjoy for years to come.