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We don’t know if you watch interior design trends as closely as we do, but mid-century modern furniture is all the rage at the moment. But what exactly does that mean? Is it just another case of hipsters taking some obscure style from history and claiming it as their own?

Well, in a sense, the hipsters are just going back to their immediate post-war origins. You see, mid-century modern was not just a look of the time, but the look. For many, it conjures images of Mad Men—probably the first TV show to make interior design look so seductive. But the mid-century modern aesthetic is more than just seductive: it is an infusion of American functionality with Scandinavian simplicity and natural design.

If you’re thinking of going for the mid-century modern look, there are a couple of advantages. The first is that your home will feel a lot more inviting instantly. Your interior spaces will be opened by organic shapes and timelessly chic muted colour palettes—for example, teak, walnut or caramel browns with teal and olive green. The second is the practicality. Mid-century modern designers understand that the best furniture is suitable for the day-to-day needs of average families. That’s why ornamentation is minimal—meaning fewer breakages and a happier wallet—allowing you to instead appreciate the beauty of every piece on its own. This means you should take care when you’re selecting your piece—or not: perhaps the greatest thing about mid-century modern interiors is that they’ll refresh any room, regardless of what’s already there.

So whether you’re fashion-conscious, a minimalist, or perhaps a bit of a hipster (we’re not passing judgement), mid-century modern furniture may well be for you. To see the best mid-century modern furniture Sydney has to offer, be sure to head into one of our stores (with locations across Sydney, Canberra, and regional NSW). We can’t wait to show you our picture-perfect collection!