Love a light bevvy in the afternoon (and/)or evening? Wine not treat yourself to a wine rack or bar cart? They would make for sherry good investments. Not only could they save you from rum-maging through the pantry for your favourite bottles, but they could also be used to brandy-sh your good taste (in more ways than one) when you’re entertaining guests. We’d drink to that!

Here at 1825 Interiors, we have Taylor wine racks—on wheels. If you’re entertaining guests, these maneuverable museums are as magical as the drinks they’re displaying. Wheel them wherever you need them and keep the good times rolling! Just ensure to wheel with caution. We wouldn’t want your bottles to fall victim to gravity. (And if they did, you would definitely need some cheese to go with that whine.) When choosing between our Taylor wine racks, the question is not ‘white or red?’. The question is actually ‘white or black?’, because those are the two shades we’ve got. If wine racks aren’t your thing, we also have a Checks wine cabinet as a stationary alternative.

Wanting to host a mini bar? We’ve got you covered there, too. Our bar carts range from short and sweet to long and luxurious. Bring the beachside vibes with our all-rattan Carlo and Long Beach bar carts. Whether you want to keep things compact or have more room to move, these carts are ideal for summer evening parties. For a more cinema-inspired look, check out our Chic Classic bar cart. This sleek modern marvel is also maneuverable. It’s a surefire way to get things going and the drinks a-flowing!