Sofa, couch, chesterfield, futon, canapé, settee, davenport, divan—who would’ve thought that one type of furniture would’ve inspired so many different names? While there are plenty of pedants out there who’ll tell you these are all different things, most of us these days use the words interchangeably. Even the word “lounge”, which is supposed to refer to the whole room, is increasingly synonymous with the sofa.

In Australia, most of us refer these staple pieces of living room furniture as either sofas or couches. While “sofa” is derived from Arabic and “couch” comes from Old French—and plenty of people will defend passionately that only one of them is the correct term—I think it’s better if we all just come to the conclusion that it doesn’t really matter they’re called. What matters is that they suit us and our home in sustainable, practical, and exquisitely comfortable ways.

That’s where 1825 interiors and our range of perfect quality sofa sets comes in. Having made and sold sofas for decades, we’ve got a vague idea of how a good sofa should look and feel. In particular, we appreciate that there’s no universal, ideal form of sofa (sorry Plato); rather, people have widely varying demands of their sofas, and we’ve learned to tailor and supply sofas accordingly.

We’ve already published plenty of advice on how to choose the best sofa for you. But once you’ve chosen your sofa, you’re probably going to be focusing mainly on getting it for the best price possible. That’s why it’s a wise decision to buy your sofa in a package—after all, buying two or three differently sized sofas at once will not only get you a significant discount, it’ll help you define the core of your living space in no time.

Browse our sofa sets today, or head in-store to test them first-hand. Remember to bring your measurements! Our sofa sets in Sydney are waiting to be discovered in one of our many showrooms as well as online via our online store. Shop sofa sets in Sydney to complete your family home today.