A Designer’s Eye: Knowing Your Interior Style

A Designer’s Eye: Knowing Your Interior Style


This guest blog is written by Trace Adams, Director of Lowe & Co Interior Design. You can find her on Facebook and Instagram.

Feeling comfortable in your own space, whether it be a bedroom, an office, or your home is of the utmost importance.  Do people know instantly that it’s your space? Is your personality here? Have you ever gone to someone’s house and thought, wow, this isn’t you?   

Your uniqueness, your individuality, speaks so much of who you are and is such a vital part of making an interior work. Creating a heartfelt home is well worth the effort to feel relaxed, loved and safe. If you have been following my blog posts, knowing your unique interior style will be easy.

Thinking back to my last two blog posts A Designer’s Secret: Finding Your Interior Style and A Designer’s Truth: Buying Your Interior Style, you can capably accomplish this last task. For continuity, lets refer to our previous Hamptons-style example. You’ve just bought all your décor; now, it’s time for you to inject your personality.

  1. Are you a gardener, and potted plants are your thing?
  2. Do you have a love of the ocean and weathered things?  
  3. Do dirty boots and an Akubra hat hang in your hall?

Your house should also reflect your life experiences. If you live by the beach, for example, you could reasonably expect to find sand on the floors from days at the beach with friends. Or perhaps a captain’s bell hanging on the veranda and seashells in bowls that were collected in your pockets as you walked the dog along the beach. Also, baskets of all shape and sizes that hold collections of albums and treasures from travel with the family up and down the coast.

Décor tells a story—your story—and without it, your house is just a house, not your home.

Now that we have you know your interior style, you’re ready to hit the shops. The wonderful staff at your local 1825 interiors are your next step for all the things you require to make a home - furniture, artwork, décor and more are all waiting for your new designer’s eye.

Happy shopping!

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