A Designer’s Secret: Finding Your Interior Style

A Designer’s Secret: Finding Your Interior Style


This guest blog is written by Trace Adams, Director of Lowe & Co Interior Design. You can find her on Facebook and Instagram.

As an interior designer I am often asked the same question, “What style do you think I am?”. This really is an exceptionally hard question to answer. To be frank, we quite often perceive ourselves as one thing but we are really another, and this is so true with interior styles.

During my education, I read a lot of information on this subject and the fundamental principles of design. But for your average person there is an easier way—one that quite a few very well-known interior designers use—so help is at hand.

Just take a deep breath and trust me. The biggest interior designer’s secret I can spill is this: let’s go to your wardrobe. Yep, you read that right, your wardrobe! Open it up and choose your absolute favourite, go to, always wear it, love it to bits—dress, pants, shirts, bag, scarves and shoes.

  1. Are they tailored? Casual? Or maybe very modern?
  2. What textures are they? Rough? Shiny? Or are they luxurious linen?
  3. Are there metal buckles? Leather straps? Or maybe even sequins?

There are so many different interior design styles but the choices you have made in your wardrobe will be a good indication of what will suit you and your home, as well as what you don’t like.

As an example, if your chosen outfit were light blue 10-year-old Levi’s that never get ironed, a white linen men’s collared shirt, a stripe tote bag and casual shoes, then my educated guess would be you’re into Hamptons-style furniture. If you decide on black cargo pants a heavy metal t-shirt, satchel bag and sneakers then industrial might be right for you.

Now that we have found your interior style, check out my next blog, A Designer’s Truth: Buying Your Interior Style.

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