Balcony Decor Ideas: How To Make The Most Of Your Balcony

Balcony Decor Ideas: How To Make The Most Of Your Balcony

Is your balcony just a place to hang your laundry? Or is it your little slice of heaven? If you’re not exactly sure how to make the most of your outdoor space, don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. From fabulous furniture ideas to lush planting suggestions, we’ve got everything you need to create a stunning balcony oasis. So get ready to make the most of your balcony the 1825 way with some of our excellent balcony decor ideas.


First things first, let’s find a place to park ourselves. A balcony is a space to kick back and unwind, which begins with a chair. Our Bahama and South Carolina collections consist of rattan furniture—chiefly chairs—with an understated, laid-back look ideal for outdoor spaces. Whilst our Bahama furniture is woven in intricate elegance with a white finish, our South Carolina channels that more rustic, boho feeling. So long as you can keep them undercover, away from the weather, the chairs of either collection can make excellent additions to your balcony.

The South Carolina Rattan Chair With Seat Cushion (left) and the South Carolina Rattan 2 Seater Sofa With Seat Cushion (right). Image: 1825 Interiors

If the balcony is your ‘sanctuary of solitude’, so the speak, you may wish to invest in a Bahama or South Carolina single-seater. On the other hand, if you’re a fan of cosy balcony ideas, you may prefer to snuggle up with your partner on a Bahama or South Carolina 2 Seater Sofa. Do you intend to entertain? If so, you could even go the whole hog and buy the Bahama 3 Piece Set or the South Carolina 4 Piece Set.

The Bahama 3 Piece Set. Image: 1825 Interiors


Our Macrame Hanging Chair may not suit all balconies, but if you have hooks from which to hang, why not give it a try? Though it may hang best from a tree branch, all it needs is a low and sturdy verandah and a couple of tough hooks. This elegant single-seater is all the rocking calm of a hammock, meeting the tasselled magic of a dream catcher. Lie back with a book and feel your weightless self begin to unwind. (Please note that this chair has a weight limit of 100kgs. Please only use it if your hooks can hold the weight of a human adult. Keep a safe distance from any edges of your balcony.)

The Macrame Hanging Chair. Images: 1825 Interiors


No single-seated setup is complete without a side or coffee table. Part of our South Carolina Rattan 4 Piece Set above, our South Carolina Rattan Coffee Table With Glass Top would make a gorgeous addition to your balcony, so long as you could keep it undercover, out of the way of the weather. If a smaller side table is more your speed, we think that the elegant Miranda Side Table could complement either our Bahama or South Carolina seats. For a rustic touch of country life, our Milking Can Side Table can be the ultimate offbeat statement piece.

The Miranda Side Table (left) and the Milking Can Side Table (right). Images: 1825 Interiors

Are you digging the smaller tables but want more surface space? Our Matterhorn Nest Of Coffee Tables may be the ultimate compromise. Consisting of two babushka-style tables, the Matterhorn Nest Of Coffee Tables boasts black iron frames and sturdy mango wood surfaces. They’re bold statement pieces perfect for the modern balcony.

The Matterhorn Nest Of Coffee Tables. Image: 1825 Interiors

(Please note that our side tables and nests of tables are not designed with the outdoors in mind, per se. You may wish to bring them inside when not in use.)


What urban oasis is complete without a bit of foliage? Whether you’re looking for one or two pot plants or a miniature garden with mounted planters, a touch of greenery will add to the scenery. If you’re not much of a gardener, we have you covered with artificial pot plants. Our top recommendations for an outdoor space are our Light Green Hanging Plant In Pot, our Hanging Philo Leaf Plant In White Pot, and our Orchid Plant In White Pot if you want something floral for the coffee table.

Who needs upkeep when this fakery looks so convincing? Image: 1825 Interiors


A rug is an understated touch that finishes off any space. The key is selecting the right shade to contrast or match the colour scheme! If your balcony is safe from the weather, you may want to invest in one of our jute rugs or weave rugs. On the other hand, if your balcony gets a little weather exposure, you should shop for a plastic outdoor rug. 


If you intend to use your balcony at night, you’re going to need a little light. String lights—such as festoons—or lanterns can create a wonderful atmosphere. At 1825 Interiors, we have a dazzling selection of lanterns to light up your outdoor space. Many are available in neutral tones, and we think a Pari Bamboo Lantern or Darley Timber Lantern would match the Bahama and South Carolina aesthetics, respectively. For something with a more opulent sparkle, try a Fauna Lantern, or Jazz LED Silver Leaf Lantern.

Darley Timber Lantern Large. Image: 1825 Interiors


Almost everyone likes snuggling on the couch with a throw blanket, so why not bring this energy to the balcony? Beyond your four walls, you’re more exposed to the elements, which is more reason to take a throw blanket with you. So whether you have a storage coffee table stashed with your favourite throws or you’re content to drag one out from inside, a super snuggly time awaits. Check out our selection of throw blankets and see what tickles your tassel.


Balconies are a wonderful place to enjoy the outdoors without having to leave the comforts of your home. And with a few simple decor additions, you can make your balcony feel like an extension of your living space. At 1825 Interiors, we love helping people bring their living spaces to life and creating sanctuaries where they can truly relax. Our team has put together some great ideas for balcony decor—from stylish seating options to beautiful plants and accessories. We hope you’ll take a look at our collection and be inspired to add a little bit of outdoor magic to your balcony!

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