10 Amazing Tips For Finding The Right Furniture For Small Spaces

10 Amazing Tips For Finding The Right Furniture For Small Spaces

Finding furniture for small spaces is easier than you might think. All you need is a little ingenuity and enough time to read this article. In fact, with these ten simple tricks to make the most of your small apartment furniture, your space will feel roomier than ever. The best part? You won’t feel like you’re missing out on anything. Furniture for small spaces no longer means poor quality or lack of style; in fact, all brands are jumping on the small-space trend to create beautiful compact furniture that fits your space in the most thoughtful and useful ways -- finally, the compact furniture we all need! Keep reading to find out exactly what to look for in terms of apartment living furniture, furniture for small spaces, and convertible furniture to ensure your home never lacks space or style again.  


1. Size Down

Your first order of business is finding the best furniture for small lounges on offer, and that means narrow sofas, small lounge chairs, tables for small spaces and more. They’re not as easy to find as you might think, but they will fit your small apartment much better than your oversized lounge chair and L-shaped couch. One large item can throw off the balance of the room, so make your pieces work together in terms of size. Your coffee table should be proportionate to your couch, your dresser to your bed, etc. Figuring out their scale is crucial to striking the right balance of small space furniture. Custom-made small sofas can be the perfect way to get the exact right size and shape for your tricky room.


2. Use Light Hues

It’s no secret that darker hues can make a room feel stuffy and smaller, so go light and bright for your small space. This includes everything from the paint on the wall to the colour of the compact furniture, but you don’t have to go completely monochromatic to achieve the results you’re going for. Use accent colours to brighten up the space and tie in the different elements. Keep your larger pieces of furniture in shades of white, cream, linen, soft grey, and natural woods. For decoration, glass is a great option. You can also opt for small apartment furniture with legs to show more floor space. Using round tables, like a small dining table or coffee tables for small spaces, will create surrounding open space within your room.


3. Raise the Eye

Using as much wall space as you can will leave more floor space. Bring the eye vertical by taking advantage of all the extra surface area that walls can provide, and don’t be afraid to get creative. Shelves are perfect, but you can also hang planters instead of using vases, wall hooks instead of a coat rack (or to free up a closet for storage), and hanging bikes, musical instruments, and pots and pans gives you valuable extra real estate with a stylish element.


4. Create Zones

Use furniture for small spaces to create your own rooms. Positioning the apartment living furniture in strategic ways can create the illusion of separate areas, which instantly gives one room a number of different uses. For example, small couches might not take up a ton of room, but positioning their back to an open area and adding a long narrow table effectively closes off that area and creates a new zone. You can also use rugs to designate certain spaces, like a small circular rug in front of a chair, bookcase and lamp to create a pseudo reading area that can be in the middle of a living room, a den, and even a hallway.


5. Maximise Space

When you can’t manufacture more space, you need convertible furniture for small spaces that can do double duty. This will help maximise your space by using less furniture overall without sacrificing anything. A bed with drawers can eliminate the need for a dresser and a folding table can also function as a desk when needed. The more ways you can use your furniture, the more comfortable you’ll be.


6. Create Floor Space

There’s only so much square footage in a small space, so get creative! Compact floating furniture is a great way to free up space and keep the tight area looking more open. Try a floating nightstand, shelves instead of a bookcase, and wall lights instead of floor lamps. This will not only help open up the area visually but create added space for other pieces.


7. Don’t Forget Lighting

Small spaces can quickly start to feel dark and gloomy, especially if there isn’t much natural light. Make sure you spend time strategically placing light sources around the room to give your space a bright and well-lit feeling. A pendant lamp can make your room brighter and act as a great piece of decor if you choose a standout, unique piece instead of one that blends into the ceiling.


8. Keep It Clutter Free

The worst thing you can do in a small space is leave clutter lying around, as it can seem like much more than it is. If tidying isn’t your strong suit, choose furniture that easily masks clutter like a storage bench, side tables with drawers, trunks by the door for shoes and bags, and couches with side pockets for all the remotes, magazines, and various controllers that detract from an otherwise uncluttered coffee or side table.


9. Keep It Cohesive

With larger rooms, you can experiment with an array of colours and textures; but in small spaces, focus on the cohesiveness of the different elements. Use a limited colour palette to avoid visually overwhelming guests, and keep the bold, statement pieces to a minimum.


10. Let Your Furniture Breathe

As tempting as it may be to cram furniture and decor into every inch of a small room, it can actually make the space feel smaller. Although this tip may feel counterintuitive, pull all your furniture a couple of inches away from the wall, leaving space in between each piece. No piece should be touching another. Not only does this give the illusion of airiness and space, but it can also mean letting go of some non-essential items for it to work.

With these easy tips for furniture for small spaces, you’re set to make your small space furnishing easier than you ever could have dreamed. From colour to placement, these small space tricks ensure your compact furniture has never looked so luxurious and your tight quarters have never felt so roomy.

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