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  1. NEW Eucalyptus Spray Cream In Stock
    Eucalyptus Spray Cream
    $9.00 Privilege Club Member: $8.10
  2. NEW Shell In Stock
    $14.00 Privilege Club Member: $12.60
  3. NEW Green Gum Leaf Spray In Stock
    Green Gum Leaf Spray
    $16.00 Privilege Club Member: $14.40
  4. NEW Deco Shell In Stock
    Deco Shell
    $17.00 Privilege Club Member: $15.30
  5. NEW Sunshine Lily In Stock
    Sunshine Lily
    $19.00 Privilege Club Member: $17.10
  6. NEW Twig Branch In Stock
    Twig Branch
    $21.00 Privilege Club Member: $18.90
  7. NEW Ridged Cactus Coral In Stock
    Ridged Cactus Coral
    $21.00 Privilege Club Member: $18.90
  8. NEW Protea Cream/White In Stock
    Protea Cream/White
    $22.00 Privilege Club Member: $19.80
  9. NEW Pisa Ceramic Vase In Stock
    Pisa Ceramic Vase
    $28.00 Privilege Club Member: $25.20
  10. NEW Protea Pink In Stock
    Protea Pink
    $33.00 Privilege Club Member: $29.70
  11. NEW Belle Inlay Tissue Box Cover
    Belle Inlay Tissue Box Cover
    $36.00 Privilege Club Member: $32.40
  12. NEW Deco Shell Large In Stock
    Deco Shell Large
    $38.00 Privilege Club Member: $34.20
  13. NEW Large Palm Dusty Decor In Stock
    Large Palm Dusty Decor
    $47.00 Privilege Club Member: $42.30
  14. NEW Large Palm Blondie Decor In Stock
    Large Palm Blondie Decor
    $47.00 Privilege Club Member: $42.30
  15. NEW Large Palm Leaf Decor In Stock
    Large Palm Leaf Decor
    $47.00 Privilege Club Member: $42.30
  16. NEW Bird Feeder with Birds In Stock
    Bird Feeder with Birds
    $48.00 Privilege Club Member: $43.20
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Items 1-32 of 88

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At 1825 interiors, we specialise in furnishings for the family home that don’t cost the earth. Frequently and regularly, we introduce new products and collections into our range to keep your home fresh and on-trend. (And, admittedly, to satiate our furniture and homewares obsessions!)
Because up to 80% of the furniture we sell is made from our specialty material, reclaimed timber, you won’t have to worry about the wear and tear that is inevitable in the family home. For our furniture, knocks and dings are just character-building!

We also understand the need and desire for furniture to last as long as possible, without having to have the same stuff forever. That’s why we developed our signature ivory wash, which allows you to mix and match some of our core collections—Tuscan, Newport, Byron, and Florence—in different rooms of your home. If you’re particularly adventurous, you can even mix and match in the same room! Either way, you'll have an aesthetically consistent home with points of difference in the detail.

So check out our new products to be inspired by a wide variety of timeless and on-trend furniture styles in painted or stained finishes, and in new or reclaimed timber. Don't forget to choose some gorgeous fabric pieces and homewares while you're at it!