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Placemats & Table Runners

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  1. NEW Placemat Blue Leaf Tropics In Stock
    Placemat Blue Leaf Tropics
    Special Price $3.60 Regular Price $4.00
  2. NEW Placemat Vintage Blue In Stock
    Placemat Vintage Blue
    Special Price $3.60 Regular Price $4.00
  3. NEW Placemat Aqua Palm In Stock
    Placemat Aqua Palm
    Special Price $3.60 Regular Price $4.00
  4. NEW Placemat Citron/Lemons In Stock
    Placemat Citron/Lemons
    Special Price $3.60 Regular Price $4.00
  5. Mint Stripe Placemat In Stock
    Mint Stripe Placemat
    Special Price $6.00 Regular Price $13.00
  6. CLEARANCE Cotton Table Runner MO In Stock
    Cotton Table Runner MO
    Special Price $7.00 Regular Price $14.00
  7. Cotton Table Runner NA In Stock
    Cotton Table Runner NA
    Special Price $7.00 Regular Price $14.00
  8. Jute Round Placemat In Stock
    Jute Round Placemat
    Special Price $8.10 Regular Price $9.00
  9. Jute Round Placemat Natural
    Jute Round Placemat Natural
    Special Price $10.80 Regular Price $12.00
  10. Printed Table Runner Copper In Stock
    Printed Table Runner Copper
    Special Price $20.00 Regular Price $42.00
  11. Table Runner - Palm In Stock
    Table Runner - Palm
    Special Price $23.00 Regular Price $47.00
  12. Caspian Cotton Runner Navy In Stock
    Caspian Cotton Runner Navy
    Special Price $25.20 Regular Price $28.00
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20 Items

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Table runners and placemats are a quick and easy way to dress up your dining table. We love the way a new set of table linens can totally update the look of any dining setting at a budget-friendly price point, almost effortlessly.

For maximum impact, take your time to shop around and aim to choose designs that will complement and lift your existing décor. As a rule of thumb, the shape and proportions of table linens should be reflective of the dining table they will be placed on to create an aesthetic that is easiest on the eyes – such as round placemats for round dining tables, for example.

Here at 1825 interiors, our placemats and table runners are carefully selected to complement the seasonal colour collections in our stores. Nevertheless, we also firmly agree that you should buy any decorative items because you genuinely love them, not simply to copy a look you found in a lifestyle magazine. Having said that, we do purchase strictly limited quantities, so buy it when you see it or it may not be there when you come back – don’t say we didn’t warn you!

To see, feel and personally test out our gorgeous range of placemats and table runners (in a variety of colours and styles), be sure to visit us in store. Our friendly and experienced staff will be happy to help you choose just the right pieces to create a fresh, new look for your dining room.