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Cushions, Quilts & Comforter Sets

Cushions, Quilts & Comforter Sets

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  1. CLEARANCE Tufted Seat Cushions with Ties in Chocolate
  2. Coonawarra 43cm Cushion Mid Grey
    Coonawarra 43cm Cushion Mid Grey
    Special Price $14.00 Regular Price $24.00
  3. Coonawarra 43cm Cushion Light Grey
    Coonawarra 43cm Cushion Light Grey
    Special Price $15.00 Regular Price $24.00
  4. CLEARANCE Elizabeth 43cm Cushion
    Elizabeth 43cm Cushion
    Special Price $23.00 Regular Price $35.00
  5. Barrington 43cm Cushion Pink
    Barrington 43cm Cushion Pink
    $25.00 Privilege Club Member: $22.50
  6. Barrington 43cm Cushion White
    Barrington 43cm Cushion White
    $25.00 Privilege Club Member: $22.50
  7. Barrington 43cm Cushion Grey
    Barrington 43cm Cushion Grey
    $25.00 Privilege Club Member: $22.50
  8. Jacek Square Cushion White
    Jacek Square Cushion White
    $29.00 Privilege Club Member: $26.10
  9. Sade Cotton Cushion Denim
    Sade Cotton Cushion Denim
    $34.00 Privilege Club Member: $30.60
  10. Mint Stripe Lumbar Cushion
    Mint Stripe Lumbar Cushion
    $38.00 Privilege Club Member: $34.20
  11. Verrado Cushion
    Verrado Cushion
    $39.00 Privilege Club Member: $35.10
  12. Classica Sand Cushion
    Classica Sand Cushion
    $45.00 Privilege Club Member: $40.50
  13. Fancy Embroidered Cushion B
    Fancy Embroidered Cushion B
    $46.00 Privilege Club Member: $41.40
  14. Fancy Embroidered Cushion A
    Fancy Embroidered Cushion A
    $48.00 Privilege Club Member: $43.20
  15. Mint Stripe Cushion 50cm
    Mint Stripe Cushion 50cm
    $48.00 Privilege Club Member: $43.20
  16. Austin Blossom Cushion
    Austin Blossom Cushion
    $50.00 Privilege Club Member: $45.00
  17. Austin Mushroom 50x50
    Austin Mushroom 50x50
    $50.00 Privilege Club Member: $45.00
  18. Austin Mustard Cushion
    Austin Mustard Cushion
    $50.00 Privilege Club Member: $45.00
  19. Austin Waterfall Cushion
    Austin Waterfall Cushion
    $50.00 Privilege Club Member: $45.00
  20. Beach Chic Fray Cushion
    Beach Chic Fray Cushion
    $54.00 Privilege Club Member: $48.60
  21. Pleated 30x50
    Pleated 30x50
    $54.00 Privilege Club Member: $48.60
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Items 1-32 of 66

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Set Descending Direction

Quilts & Cushions Sydney, Canberra and Regional NSW

Cushions, quilts and comforter sets represent some of our favourite ways to bring new life to an old favourite without breaking the bank.

Cushions, for instance, are probably the easiest and most cost-effective way to spruce up a chair, a bed or a lounge suite. We have ready-made cushions in many sizes, fabrics and designs, as well as a made-to-order service. The options are endless with our custom-made cushions and, if you really want to up the ante, you can even order a matching ottoman to complete the look!

Similarly, a new quilt is a fantastic (and cost-effective) way to update your bedroom. Our quilt collection is constantly changing to reflect new directions in home decorating. Try combining different textures to add interest - like moss stitch and silk cushions with a linen quilt set. Browse through the lifestyle images on our website for inspiration or ask our friendly staff if you’re short on ideas.

Here at 1825 interiors, our cushions, quilts and comforter sets are carefully selected to complement the seasonal colour collections in our stores. Nevertheless, we also firmly agree that you should buy any decorative items because you genuinely love them, not simply to copy a look you found in a lifestyle magazine. That being said, we do purchase strictly limited quantities, so buy it when you see it or it may not be there when you come back – don’t say we didn’t warn you!

To see, feel and personally test out our gorgeous range of cushions, quilts and comforter sets (in a variety of colours, sizes and styles), be sure to visit us at one of our Sydney, Canberra and Regional NSW stores. Our friendly and experienced staff will be happy to help you choose just the right pieces to create a fresh, new look for your family home.