What To Consider Before Buying Alfresco Furniture

What To Consider Before Buying Alfresco Furniture

If you’re interested in furnishing your outdoor living space for all-year-round entertaining and relaxing, 1825 interiors has got you covered.

For good reason, alfresco living has been the go for people living in this beautiful country since the dawn of time. But the thing about alfresco living spaces is that you can’t go berserk like with your indoor living spaces. They’re confined by practicalities, like the weather.

So, before you think about your options, consider: how exposed is your outdoor living space going to be? Generally, that question will garner one of two responses.

The first is a loving embrace of nature—an alfresco living space that’s fully exposed, and so needs to be fully weatherproof. For these spaces, consider materials like Viro fibres—environmentally friendly, all-weather synthetic wickers that love the great outdoors—and upholstery made of durable polyester. For your flat surfaces, poly-cement is the perfect solution: light and durable, and with a tendency to patina over time, it will be ever more a natural part of your alfresco setting as it ages. Alternatively, you can order some pieces from our custom-made Wood Design collection with an outdoor finish, which is the perfect solution for those wanting an alfresco living solution that is tailor made for them.

If your alfresco space exists undercover—that is, not exposed to the elements (except perhaps wind)—you have many, many options. Cane furniture is perfect for this. Indeed, most of our furniture can serve in an alfresco living capacity if fully undercover. Just speak to one of our friendly staff to see which option is right for you.

Finally, remember that alfresco living furniture requires more care and maintenance than its indoor counterpart. Take care of it, and your alfresco living space will take care of you for many years to come.

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