We've Made A Facebook Group! 'My Family Home'

We've Made A Facebook Group! 'My Family Home'
My Family Home
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Here’s a revelatory thought: you don’t need to wait for the kids to move out of home to furnish your home beautifully. What’s the secret? Well, it has a lot to do with judicious shopping choices, embracing knocks and dings, and making sure that your furniture doesn’t feel unlived in or too precious to touch.

So this group isn’t about Grandma’s heirloom fabric chair from the 19th Century. It’s about beds that have been wetted, rugs stained by red wine, sofas the dog’s done its business on, chairs the kids rock on, and everything else that is part of life in the family home. Basically, My Family Home is a group for anyone who would like to know about, or has experience in, furnishing a kid-friendly home stylishly. It’s for those who appreciate durable, affordable, and (therefore) sustainable interior design, and who are aspirational creatively. It’s for anyone and everyone to share their family home ideas, ask questions, create polls, and have lively discussions about all things home décor.

And with that, please feel free to join the group and contribute to the discussion by clicking the link above. The more, the merrier!

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