Wall Clock Designs and Ideas That are Both Classy and Awe Inspiring

Wall Clock Designs and Ideas That are Both Classy and Awe Inspiring

Wall clocks are the perfect way to add an extra touch of personality to every family home. Whether you’re putting the finishing touches on your decor or you’re furnishing a fresh space from scratch, a clock is going to be that functional and stylish piece that pulls the entire room together. From work from home offices to the living room, hallway, kitchen and beyond, this addition will introduce a classy and awe inspiring flourish to all areas of your household. Consult our wall clock ideas to get started the right way…

Tips to Choose The Right Wall Clock for the Interior Design of Your House

There is an array of choices out there when it comes to exploring your options for wall clock designs to slot seamlessly into your home. First things first, you will need to take stock of your current or planned decor style. Deciphering the look and feel you either have or are aiming to create will guide you towards clocks and other accoutrements that will harmonise with your furniture, soft finishings and accessories beautifully. Whether you’re opting for a feel that is more sleek and minimal, boldly bright, earthy and organic, coastal chic or completely classic, there’s a wall clock out there for you.

Types of Wall Clocks for Homes

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The key to finding the right wall clock is to narrow down your search and stick to designs that work with your desired effect. This means that you will secure a piece that not only gives you the functional component of knowing the time, but you’ll also be completing your space with an addition that adds a stylised focal point. 

The material and shape of your clock are the main components to think about when you are beginning your search. When approaching the shape, there are a few variables to consider. A clock with an angular finish will bring a striking accent to the room, while a smooth and rounded style will complement your space in a classic fashion. A more unusual shape, pattern or colour will add a statement which is perfect if you are looking to amplify a neutral room or put a bold touch to a modern space. For homes that are coastal chic or classic in feel, a round style crafted from organic timber in neutral colours will be a natural fit. 

When thinking about different wall clock design ideas, it can be useful to disregard the functional component and approach your newest addition as a piece of wall art instead. Equally useful and stylish, the right wall clock will truly serve as any artwork or wall decor would, so having this front of mind when you are shopping will be helpful when the time comes to make your selection. 

Where to Place a Wall Clock? 

Once you have decided on your look and feel, you can begin to consider where you will place your new wall clock. Think about where this piece is going to serve the most style and function for your household, placing a clock out of sight will not achieve the effect you are looking for, so be sure to choose an area that is highly visible while still keeping the balance in the room. 

Once you have decided the correct area for your clock, you should clear the space and step back to see where the new feature will sit best height wise. Make sure that it will sit at least at eye-level or above, too low and your wall clock will look awkward and will not give you that functional component that makes it such a wise design choice. A wall clock can shine all on its own – which is a particularly good idea if you plan on placing an oversized statement style – but it can also harmonise well with all your other wall decor too. Opt for accessories, photographs and wall art that are in keeping with the look and feel of your clock to make sure your wall formation looks well styled. You can experiment with different sizes and shapes to add visual interest and texture for an awe inspiring display.

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What is The Ideal Size of A Wall Clock?

If you are unsure whether a clock will fit with the dimensions of your room, you can measure the area where you plan on hanging it so it matches well with the space. Keep to the rule of buying smaller add-ons for more compact spaces and larger styles for rooms with more breadth to them. Matching the size of your clock to your space will create a striking impression without interrupting the flow of your home. 

Stylish Wall Clocks To Buy Now and Love Later

Follow this guide to find the perfect wall clock for you. There are plenty of options out there, the first step is to start exploring! Discover family home wall clocks to invest in now and love for years to come.

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