Types of Clocks: Find the Best Clock for Your Home

Types of Clocks: Find the Best Clock for Your Home

A wall clock is an excellent way to immediately bring that extra special touch to your space. Both functional and stylish, this is one of those pieces that is a classic for a reason. Although a traditional wall clock is no longer an essential in our everyday lives, this accessory brings a warmth and flair that all family homes will benefit from. Whether you are hoping to introduce this piece into your living room, kitchen, study, dining room, bedroom or even your bathroom, you’ll find one to suit you perfectly. Spanning from classic and industrial to modern and artistic, decorative wall clocks are the ideal functional decorative piece you and your family are sure to appreciate for countless years to come. 

Keep reading to discover the different types of wall clocks and to pick up some wall clock decoration ideas to bring something special to any room in your home in just a few ticks…

Types of wall clocks

There is a wide range of options available. When it comes to form and function, these are the two overarching categories to consider before shopping for the right one for you…

Analog wall clocks

These are the most classic type of clock, the everlasting design that uses two hands and numbers or markers to display the time. 

Digital wall clocks

This more modern choice shows the time digitally, using only numbers to signify the time – most commonly on a screen. These can be socket or battery powered.

Wall clock style ideas

Once you have decided how you would like the time displayed in your household, you can look beyond the functionality and start to consider how you would like your newest accessory to impact the overall look and feel of a room. Don’t forget, it scopes far beyond function – this really is a piece that can serve as a great accent to decorate your walls and your room. These wall clock style ideas will add personality, style and function to your space…

types of clocks

Wall clock sizes

The first factor to consider is size! From big and impactful to delicate yet design-led, there is a wall clock size fit to every home.

Large wall clocks

An eye-catching and large sized wall clock will really punctuate a room. This is the perfect opportunity to create a central focus in a room and make a feature out of an accent wall. An oversized style shines best on its own, commanding the space with all the bold function that the piece carries all alone. A large clock will also work best in a larger room, flowing well with the dimensions of the space without overpowering the feel or pulling focus from your other design components and furniture

Medium wall clocks

Smaller in size but by no means less impactful, a medium wall clock is a great mid point between the daring and the dainty. This midsize is going to suit most homes and rooms, serving as a real design piece without taking up too much space in most rooms. A medium wall clock can also blend with a few other pieces of art and mirrors to bring a uniform and stylistic edge to a wall. 

Small wall clocks

Last, lowest in size and by no means least, a smaller wall clock is a charming addition to a space that is best suited to more compact rooms or wall formations with a lot of other components at play. Introduce a small sized wall clock into a collage style decorative wall that displays art, photographs, colours and different textures for the perfect final touch. Or bring even more form and function to an airy minimal room with a small clock and watch the room transform, the understated way. A small clock is also perfect for bathrooms or home offices that cannot accommodate a punchy, large design accent but still deserve all the style and consideration that you put into the other rooms in your household. 

types of clocks

Wall clock materials

Designs vary widely, but the most obvious factor when choosing the right wall clock for you is the material that it is made from. 


From bamboo to MDF and timber, wooden wall clocks introduce an earthy and elegant design component to your home in an instant. The organic and welcoming texture of a wooden clock really will dial up the character and personality in any room of your home. This is also beautifully timeless, in fact, a wooden clock will only get better as time goes by. 


Slick in finish and ideal for contemporary or art deco spaces, a glass wall clock is the perfect way to add an extra finesse to your home. You can find classic glass wall clocks with a wooden trim or more design-forward, statement styles with ornate colourful patterns for more of a punch. 


Ideal for industrial homes or when you want to add a little edge to your room formation, metal clocks are a brilliant choice for both wall-bound and standing design components. You can choose a solid metal style or an airier frame depending on how much impact you are looking for from your newest addition. 

Which of these wall clock designs will you be introducing to your home? Explore the range to start your journey to your perfect style. 

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