Two-Minute Guide To Decorating Your Freshly Renovated Kitchen

Two-Minute Guide To Decorating Your Freshly Renovated Kitchen

If you’ve just spent some hard-earned cash doing up your kitchen, one of the worst things you could do now is decorate it badly. But while everyone’s heard the mantra of keeping it “clean, but not clinical”, what exactly does it mean to have stylish kitchen décor? Here’s a quick and easy guide to help you get started.


Even if your counter-height space is small, you can make your kitchen and dining space a lot more inviting with the addition of a few choice breakfast or bar stools.


Unless you want to be eating your food straight off the table, you probably want to have some placemats, coasters, and a table runner or two on hand to match the rest of your décor. There aren’t too many hard and fast rules with this. The only thing is you’ll want to have a complete set for when visitors are over, so be sure to get enough for Christmas.


Kitchen glassware doesn’t just have to be practical (e.g. for drinking). It can—and should—also be beautiful. One way to do this is to keep a variety of beautiful and functional pieces for all occasions. Additionally, or alternatively, try having a theme—such as bees or dragonflies on the glasses. Personally, I love serving ice cream in our Bee Dessert Gelato Glasses. They refract light beautifully and are generously sized for post-dinner treats.


Why not complement all the fresh produce you use in your cooking with some stylish artificial fruits and veggies? They’ve come a long way over the years and look good basically forever. Plus, if you keep them up high (or down low), nobody can look at them closely enough to tell they’re artificial anyway. Just remember to dust them, if you keep them out in the open!

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