Top Tips For Creating A COVID-Safe Home

Top Tips For Creating A COVID-Safe Home

Well, we’ve been dealing with a pandemic for the better part of a year now. As we’re hanging out for a vaccine, we thought we’d ask our staff what their tips are for creating a COVID-safe home. Here’s what they had to say:

Clean your furniture regularly and more frequently. And make sure you’re using the right products! (Check out our blog about cleaning, maintaining, and caring for your furniture for more info.)

Divide areas in the home. Try to minimise communal areas and limit where people go.

Like in shops, have sanitiser, wipes, and soaps available everywhere. This will prompt people to maintain a high level of personal hygiene. It’ll also prompt you to wipe down the door knobs every now and then.

Keep your doors and windows open. Ventilation is so important for COVID-safety. Plus, fresh air is nice!

Be kind. Don’t be a germaphobe or mean about staying COVID-safe. Times are tough enough as it is.

Don’t touch your face!

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