Top Living Room Rug Ideas to Cosy Up Your Space

Top Living Room Rug Ideas to Cosy Up Your Space

A rug is the perfect way to lift your space and create that warm, welcoming atmosphere all family homes should have. While a rug is undoubtedly an investment piece, it’s also a quick and cost-effective way to completely transform a room. In just one relatively speedy switch, you’ll find that the room you once knew has become high-style and high-comfort, before your eyes. When it comes to the family living room, no space is truly finished without a rug. This will bring texture, comfort, warmth and a heavy dose of character all in one. Keep reading to get to know our best living room rug ideas to cosy up your space.

Patterned to perfection

Versatile, timeless, with just the right amount of personality. A textural patterned rug in a chunky, cosy weave gives you everything you could ever want – and more – from your living room styling. The natural materials that make up a woven rug bring that earthy yet warming feel that can be so hard to capture. Choose an understated lineal pattern for a subtle nod to something statement or add a high-impact pattern for a bold introduction that will make all the difference. While the pattern of your choosing is absolutely a stylistic choice, it’s also an incredibly practical one! The pattern will be a great base for higher traffic areas of your living room, where pets and guests and shoes will frequently step. It’s a design-savvy and dirt-savvy choice – the best of both worlds.

Earthy elegance

Feel like you have a fresh new space in a matter of moments with the simple addition of an earthy yet elegant jute rug. Whether your room needs a quick pick me up or you’re putting together your home from scratch, a timeless jute rug is going to be your answer. This natural material brings a plush, welcoming texture that will immediately make your house feel like home. Jute is a highly versatile choice, and its natural strength and flexibility means that your rug will stand the test of time and set the scene for countless family memories to come. Choose a woven jute rug in an organic, natural colour for the perfect complement to any type of living room. No matter the look, feel or size of your home, this is guaranteed to make your space sing.

living room rug ideas

Tonal texture

A great way to freshen up a neutral living room is by introducing some textural interest. A jute rug is one of the best ways to bring unique texture without overpowering the space. Keeping with the neutral colour palette of the room will pull all the focus to the finish of your rug, adding major visual interest with minimal effort. Match your rug’s undertone with the neutral colours already in the room to make sure everything flows together. Sticking to cooler tones for living rooms decorated with greys and silvers and a warmer colour for cream, brown and gold decor is a simple yet highly effective way of adding a thoughtful and stylish component to your home.

living room rug ideas

Dotted charm

Looking to switch up your space instantly? Never underestimate the power of a pop of fun. Adding a charming, dotted and textured rug can change up the entire tone of your room in next to no time. This choice is particularly great for family living rooms with little ones, it’s the perfect balance between character and chic. Choose a dotted rug in a neutral jute tone brought to life with contrast dotted details and matching tassels. This rug can be the perfect finishing touch to a room full of eye-catching accents and playful patterns, or it can be just the thing for introducing some charm to an otherwise rather neutral space.

Geometric shapes

Geometric patterns are a bold way to bring your living room to life. Whether you’re a maximalist at heart or you have a relatively fresh space on your hands and you feel that it is calling out for a touch of statement style, then a geometric rug is the one for you. Bold, daring and always fun, geometric patterns fuse together a minimalist sensibility with a modern, maximalist mindset – what’s not to love? Choose a geometric pattern in a stark contrast finish, black and white are always going to be a go-to here, and watch your living room turn into something completely different. This is also an opportunity to dress up a neutral living room, floor first. Echo the eye-catching finish of your rug throughout your other soft finishes, decor accents and even artwork for a considered and statement space that just oozes character.

Which of these inviting and exciting living room rug ideas will you use to bring your home to life

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