Three Steps To Choosing A Gorgeous Clock To Rock Your Block

Three Steps To Choosing A Gorgeous Clock To Rock Your Block

Clocks have never been just about telling the time. Clocks tell a story of their own, whether it’s because of their age or because of their unique design. In any case, it’s important that you consider carefully the sorts of clocks that might be right for your home.

If you need a hand with where to start, just follow these three easy steps.


Size and location are the basic parameters for the clock you choose. When thinking about size and location, ask yourself questions like: am I hanging this clock on a wall, or placing it on a surface (e.g. desk or kitchen bench)? In which room am I hanging the clock (e.g. living room, kitchen, bedroom)? What purpose is my clock serving (e.g. centrepiece for my living area, complementing or contrasting my existing décor, or just helping me tell the time as I cook for my family)?


Your idea of the size and location of the clock will influence the style you go for. For example, if your idea is to have a small clock in a home office, chances are you’re looking for a cute little desk clock rather than something you can hang from a wall. At the same time, if your clock needs to be something people can stare at during awkward silences around the coffee table (yes, we’ve all been there) then that cute little desk clock won’t cut the mustard.

Also think about whether you want other features in your clock, such as mirrors or photo frames.


Regardless of the kind of clock you end up choosing, make sure it has room to breathe. Even the tiniest of clocks need spaces of their own!

If you’re placing a wall clock on a flat surface such as a desk, you’re relatively unencumbered. Just remember that, like pretty much all décor, less is more: the clock will make the most of itself when it’s not disguised by other items, especially if those items carry stories (e.g. if they’re souvenirs).

But while it’s easy enough to re-arrange things on a desk, it can be a tad harder for other kinds of clocks. If you’re hanging your clock on a wall, you might as well call it Goldilocks because it’ll only be happy if you give it just the right amount of space. If your clock is relatively small, for instance, make sure it isn’t lonely on a giant, blank wall; but don’t trigger its claustrophobia by hanging it with scores of photo frames, either. For larger clocks, the problem tends to be about the wall behind it being large enough to accommodate it. And if you’re hanging your clock above a flat surface, make sure it’s about 30 centimetres above the buffet, tallboy, entertainment unit, or wherever you’re hanging it. This guideline applies to both small and large clock varieties.

Now go out and start shopping!

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