Three Easy Tips For Decorating Your Walls Artfully

Three Easy Tips For Decorating Your Walls Artfully

Looking to give your walls a makeover? Wall art and clocks offer an easy and affordable way for anyone to give their home an instant update. But before you go and turn your home into an art gallery, remember these three easy tips.



People have been hanging clocks and artworks for a very long time, so we’ve had a while to figure out where is the best position for almost any artwork on almost any wall. And what is that position? It turns to be 150 centimetres from the floor to the centre of the artwork. Alternatively, if your clock or wall art is going to be above a piece of furniture, have a 30-centimetre gap between the furniture and your decorative piece.



Wall art and clocks are super versatile, but not so versatile that you can pick any piece and expect it to look amazing with the rest of your interior decorations!

Hand-painted oil on canvas comes in just about any colour, and often features many colours, so use your existing range as a guide for your colour choice. Also consider whether your scheme is warm or cool, and whether the purpose of the art is to stand out or just fill some empty space in one of your rooms.

While statement clocks are usually less colourful, you need to look out for the detailing of the hardware. If you’ve got an industrial-style home, go for black clock hands; if you’re more of a Hamptons-style person, go for white. Consider also the shape of the clock: would an oval work better in your space, or a circle?



Clocks and wall art shouldn’t just go with your home, they should develop it. They offer an interesting and convenient way to develop your colour scheme, your furniture style, or make a statement in any room.

Happy decorating!

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