The Secret To Using Bench Seats In Any Dining Room

The Secret To Using Bench Seats In Any Dining Room

Ever wondered what the go is with bench seats at a dining table? And no, it’s not just the kids trying to be ‘hip and with it’ and just rejecting the formality of traditional dining rooms (though, traditionally styled benches do exist)!

In this blog, we briefly go over why and how you should consider your dining table with bench seats. Not only is it on-trend, it is incredibly practical and can help you reduce your environmental footprint. Read on to find out more!


There are lots of reasons why people might opt for dining benches instead of, or in addition to, dining chairs. Usually, though, it comes down to one or more of the following three reasons.

  1. They create a more casual look. Reminiscent of family picnics at public parks, benches are great for families looking for a more relaxed dining experience at home.
  2. They make it easy to opt for more sustainable materials. Our benches, for example, are made from carefully selected solid, reclaimed pine shipping pallets. As a material, reclaimed timber works well for every furniture style—you can it as raw or as polished as you like—but it works particularly well for industrial-style pieces like our Ultimo bench below.
  3. They help you save space. Unlike dining chairs, which necessary jut out a bit from edge of the table, dining benches can be tucked underneath the table when you’re done (yes, without losing precious bum room!). This creates more space, helping the room feel open, spacious, and relaxed.


There’s really no secret to it: if you’re furnishing with benches, the only thing you must consider is the measurements of your dining table. If your table is 1800mm wide, try to go for a bench measuring around 1500mm. If your table is 2500mm wide, you’ll want two smaller benches per edge, no more than 1200mm wide each. 1100–1150mm is perfect. And don’t be swayed by how ‘seats’ any given bench is supposed to replace—depending on the kids, it’s entirely possible to fit two whole families around an 1800 dining table!

Otherwise, what you go for is totally up to you. You can go for all benches or you could have a combination of benches and chairs around your dining table (chairs along one side, bench on the other; benches along both sides, chairs at the ends; and so on). You can also choose to have a matching set, like the Tuscan you see below, or you could go for a more eclectic style. Such decisions are less about benches and more about your decorating tastes more generally.

It’s as simple as that! Just add good posture and a new, casual, contemporary way of dining can be yours in no time.

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