Styling Ideas For Bedside Tables

Styling Ideas For Bedside Tables

Bedside tables aren’t the first places people are going to look to judge your interior style. Still, sometimes you look at your bedroom and feel like it’s a real drag. If you’re looking for a refresh, read on for some of our expert tips for styling bedside tables. Your bedroom will look better in no time!



Sometimes simple style is best. Bedside tables can become spaces of clutter, but really, you don’t need more than what you use in bed. Try a simple lamp, the book you’re reading, and glasses if you need them. Find storage solutions for everything else.




Why not try some fresh flowers or other greenery? This looks especially good in bedrooms which look out onto gardens, backyards, or other natural scenery. Plus, it’ll make you happier and healthier!



Let’s admit it: bedrooms can be smelly places, especially in the mornings. And sometimes it’s just too hot or too cold to leave the windows open for fresh air.

The solution? Home fragrance. Candles are powerful and effective, but make sure you pick a light scent as bedrooms are only small and you don’t want the scent to be overwhelming. If you want lighter options, try scented décor or, for an instant but very brief refresh, a room spray.



Whether they’re travel photos or your kids’ first drawings, some memories are too precious to be stuffed in a drawer. Bedside tables are a great spot to display these: open enough for them to be seen, but in a spot private enough to keep them feeling special.



Bedrooms are intimate spaces, so if you have a lamp (as most people do on their bedsides) then you don’t want it to be too overpowering. Think about the coolness or warmth of the globes you choose, and how bright or dim they are. The dimmer and warmer, the better—too bright and too blue and your circadian rhythm will be disrupted, making it hard for you to get to sleep.

Also important is your lampshade. The lampshade controls where light spills in your room, so think about where you want the light to come from. Top and bottom? This’ll will create the brightest setting and is a good alternative to overhead lighting most of the time. Bottom only? This directs most of your light downwards, which is great for reading without polluting the rest of the space. You can even choose to have a total cover, forcing the light to emanate through the material of the lampshade itself. This is perfect for ambience and means you can even control the colour of the light.

Have fun decorating!

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