Location Matters: Why You Should Think About Your Neighbourhood When Decorating Your Home

Location Matters: Why You Should Think About Your Neighbourhood When Decorating Your Home

Some people go full country in the country. Others will do anything to make their apartment in outer suburbia look as Hamptons as possible. Others still don’t pay any attention to their neighbourhood whatsoever.

While no single approach is right, we think it’s a good idea to consider your neighbourhood when furnishing and decorating your home. No matter where you live, there’s something your neighbourhood will have to offer!



Whether you live in an old farmhouse out bush or a contemporary townhouse in the newest estate in suburbia, every place has character.

Do you live in an old area? Pay tribute to that heritage with gorgeous classic furniture. Newly developed area? Why don’t you go contemporary? Or, better yet, why don’t you get to know your neighbours and see how they’re furnishing their places?

At the same time, don’t feel limited by the character of your area. Don’t feel forced to go for classic furniture just because you live in a historic town. Plenty of very old places have been renovated and redone in a contemporary style, after all!



Consider the climate of your area. Is it more temperate? Decorate with lots of cosy throw blankets, thick fabrics, and darker colours. Is it more tropical? Think breezy fabrics, lots of open space, furniture materials like cane, and plenty of whites and light colours to reflect the heat.

Also think about the ecology of your area. What plants and animals do you see? If you see a few succulents about, for example, you could go for succulent wall art. If certain flowers and fruits are popularly grown, you could grab some artificial ones to get the look without all the hassle.



What is the history of your local area—Indigenous, colonial, and multicultural? Draw on these connections for some inspiration for your home decoration.

So, does thinking about your neighbourhood mean you have to abandon your personal style? Of course not! But you might find that your style is enhanced by looking at your surroundings and thinking about how to incorporate them into your home.

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