Living Room Mirror Ideas To Inspire Any Size Sitting Room

Living Room Mirror Ideas To Inspire Any Size Sitting Room

Reflective, stylish and completely timeless, a living room mirror is always going to be a brilliant addition to any living room – big or small. As well as serving as a striking focal point in your room, this adornment can also make the space feel bigger, brighter and fresher! Whether you’re simply looking for a few new additions to make your house feel complete or you’re furnishing your family living room from scratch, a mirror should absolutely be on your Wishlist. Consider these living room mirror ideas to bring a luminous touch to your space. 

Best living room mirror ideas

Decorating your living room with mirrors can make a huge difference to the overall look and feel of the space. From impactful floor length mirrors to dainty accent pieces that subtly reflect the sunshine, all types of mirrors are going to create a noticeable difference in your room. Here are a few beautiful and space-enhancing styles to explore when you are looking to amplify your living room with a wall mirror… 

Add a full length mirror

A floor length, leaning mirror is a fantastic investment if you are hoping to get both the full effect of a reflective surface in your space, and you would like a way to see yourself from head to toe before you step out the door or get on with your day. Choose a rectangular style with a light, wooden frame for a fresh addition to your living room. The bright and light neutral hue of the frame is going to blend seamlessly with all the colours and patterns you already have going on in your home – meaning you can depend on your full length living room mirror for a long time to come. While this shape typically leans vertically against the wall with the base resting on the floor, it can also be mounted on the wall and hung either vertically or horizontally! A mounted, horizontal full length mirror is best for large living rooms with plenty of wall space to play with, whilst a leaning style will work with most shapes and sizes.

tuscan mirror


Choose a rounded mirror 

The smooth curves of a circular living room mirror are a perfect choice for smaller spaces or for those who are looking to bring a hint of glint to their living room. Look for a woven frame with a subtle pattern in a natural material such as rattan or wood for an earthy elegance that is sure to beautify every kind of sitting room out there. Hang this piece above your side tables or display surfaces to enhance your decor.

elise rustic wooden mirror

A classic yet modern mirror 

Opt for a sleek, contemporary square mirror if you want to add a certain high-style finesse to your modern, minimalist or art deco living room. Choose a dark wooden frame for a touch of organic style to offset the crisp, clean shape of the squared glass. You can place this above a side table in a matching wooden material for a seamless styling tactic that really does tie the whole room together. The combination of wood and glass is also effortlessly industrial – making it the perfect way to nail this aesthetic without having to put in too much work!

nova mirror

Placing your living room mirror 

Mirrors are a longtime favourite due to their versatility and ability to serve the dual function of both looking good and giving you the ability to check your reflection at any given time! This means that when you are hanging your living room mirror, you should think about the most convenient height and placement. Eye level is the general rule of thumb that you should follow – this will, of course, depend on the medium height of everyone in your household. You can measure each member of your family, add it up and divide it by the number of people in your abode if you want to do the exact maths, or have everyone stand in line and run a rough estimate of the average eye level across your family members. This will give you the most convenient and accessible height level to hang your mirror. 

Next, placement. If you plan on getting the most possible function out of your living room mirror, it is important to prioritise positioning it in a relatively open space away from your living room couch, chairs or table. If you want to make sure you are enhancing the proportions of your sitting room to the max, place your window opposite the window or direct source of natural light to ensure that it will reflect the rays and make the room feel as fresh, bright and open as it possibly can! Whether you have chosen a sizable statement or a miniature mirror, this trick is going to serve its purpose perfectly. 


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