How to Keep Indoor Air Clean: How to Purify Your Home

How to Keep Indoor Air Clean: How to Purify Your Home

A house is not a home without a few human imperfections. From the hollowed-out cushions on the couch to the unwashed dishes sitting sink-side, signs of life are what separate genuine living spaces from untainted display homes. Unfortunately, part and parcel of these imperfections are dust particles, musty furniture, and stale air. They’re bugbears we all must burden so long as we’re living in a house. But fear not! We have some handy hints that could help you combat these (near-)invisible buzzkills. Here’s how to keep indoor air clean in a few quick and dirty steps!


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1. Change your air conditioning filter
Though not invisible, these filters are often out of sight—and, consequently, out of mind. As instrumental as air conditioners and heating ducts are in regulating air temperature, they’re every bit as responsible for tainting air quality by hoarding dust or pet dander in their filters. To combat this, all you need to do is change the filters regularly, giving them a good clean in between uses. This is especially important if you have pets, asthma, or dust allergies!

2. Keep your fur babies in check
Speaking of pets, their dander can contribute to household debris. This is particularly problematic for asthmatic or allergy-prone folks. If you have some resident furry friends, you may want to brush them often, as well as vacuum the floor for dander. Some people recommend keeping pets off the furniture, too, but we hold absolutely no judgement either way!

3. Open the window
This is perhaps the more obvious solution, but it’s one that easily slips the mind. The better our air quality, the better our quality of life—so why do we often forget to open the window? Weather permitting, you should open every door and window to let the fresh air in! Opening these portals to the outdoors also allows the musty old air to escape.

4. Give your ceiling fan a whirl
What’s the best way to purify air? To keep it moving. Thinking of it that way, ceiling fans are a great untapped resource. Whilst air conditioners can recycle resident allergens or dust particles, ceiling fans are natural oxygenators. They circulate air around a room to fine effect—and, if you also have the windows open, this goes double.

5. Freshen your fibres
Bedclothes are hotbeds for dust mites and mould. Washing your doonas, sheets, blankets, and pillowcases is a great way to keep the nasties at bay, but you can also take things up a gear. Why not give your bedclothes a hot wash once per season in Napisan—or, for more sensitive skin, in a lemon and vinegar blend? If your doona is too big for your machine, the dry cleaner can always take care of it!
elsie queen bed frame
1825 Interiors’ Elsie Queen Bed Frame.
6. Use organic cleaners
Lemon and vinegar blends are a great example of such natural homemade concoctions. If you have asthma or allergies, chemical-filled cleaning products can trigger unpleasant respiratory reactions. For a better breathing experience, you can create your own cleaning solutions—literally—by combining lemon and vinegar with baking soda. This eco-friendly idea is also a great way to save money.

7. Tighten the tap washers
Once a washer starts to wear, you’ll know it. Consider that dripping tap your reminder to either install a new washer or call in your plumber. If you neglect this task, you’re dealing with water pooling, which leads to mould and potential insect infestations. Ick factor aside, none of this will do anything for your air quality. When it comes to household wear and tear, it’s always best to attend to it straight away. A stitch in time saves nine, after all.

8. Shampoo your spaces
At this point, it should be no surprise that carpets, rugs, and furniture will accumulate respiratory irritants—such as dust, dirt, and allergens—over time. A professional shampoo once per season—or even once per year—will remove dirt and dust mites, optimise air quality, and keep your rugs and furniture in good condition. Ideally, we want to leave dust inhalation to vacuum cleaners, not humans—especially if you experience allergies or asthma.
sofa sets
Keeping a living space this spick and span takes maintenance. Image: 1825 Interiors
9. Add an air purifier
Though expensive, there are all sorts of air purifiers available on the market—some hospital-grade. Of course, air purifiers won’t catch all particles or pollutants, but many will have HEPA filters that can capture mould spores, pollen, and dust. If you think about it, an air purifier will have a similar effect to a professional shampoo. The only difference would be that you can use it year-round.

10. Add scented candles
Whether scented candles actually purify air or merely mask the mustiness is irrelevant. If air is water (ignoring the fact that water is one-third oxygen), scented candles are the cordial or colourful sweeteners. They inject fun into something that would otherwise be quite ordinary. At 1825 Interiors, we stock Idyllic Candles in flavours ranging from sweet vanilla to eucalyptus & peppermint: the ultimate air-purifying combination! Craving the sweet scents minus the element of fire danger? We also have diffuser sets available. Check out our range here.
candle and diffuser

Now you know how to keep indoor air clean, it’s time to take some helpful steps forward. Whether you want to freshen up your furniture and bedclothes or simply open the window, there are a wealth of ways you can keep things feeling fresh. If you experience asthma or allergies, you may want to take things up a gear by investing in professional shampoo services or a hospital-grade air purifier. However you go about it, remember what joy there is in smell for its own sake. Scented candles and diffusers can bring a pleasant or relaxed sensory experience into any room of the house. 
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