How To Furnish A Games Room

How To Furnish A Games Room

If you’ve got a games room in your house, chances are you’re a dedicated gamer. The games room is one of those rooms in the house where some of the most memorable moments are made, whether it’s because you beat the final boss in one of your favourite console games, or because it’s where you won your first proper game of Monopoly—yes, the one that takes four or five hours to finish!

But while gaming is the focus, furnishing the room with care and consideration is important. After all, as any dedicated video gamer would know, playing for hours in a sofa that isn’t up to the task will make you sore for a long time afterwards; just as any serious board gamer would know that fitting the family around a rectangular dining table for a game with a square board just doesn’t work all that well.

So, where does one begin when furnishing a games room? Here are two places to get started:


The seating you have in your games room needs to be fit for you and your gaming. The day bed is perfect for solo video gamers, while high-quality sofas will be provide long-lasting comfort for any number of players of all sorts of games—just make sure you choose the right seat height for you and your gaming. For example, my Melrose sofa has helped me through many boss battles on the Playstation, and also provided comfort to me in those times I’ve lost family board games. (I don’t like losing.)

Sofas with chaises work really well, too.

If you’re around a dining table, I find the best chairs are our Gallery chairs—just make sure you get them fabric-protected so that any (inevitable) spillages can be cleaned easily. The French Cross chairs also work well, especially when you add seat cushions.


Games need physical spaces on which they’ll be played. The right platform for you really depends on the game(s) you will conceivably play in your games room. For instance, if you’re playing computer games, then you’ll want a desk that’ll do the job. If you’re like me and more into the console variety, then you need an entertainment unit large enough to fit the console, TV, sound system, and of course your large collection of games.

If you’re sick of screens and prefer to get a couple of people around a table for a board game or game of cards, then you’ll need a coffee or dining table. Square and round shapes work best, such as our Byron 1500 table. Or, if you want a more casual gaming setting, then you should consider getting a counter-height or bar table.

Get the seating and the platform right, and you’ll feel right at home in your games room in no time. Happy gaming!

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