How to Frame a Picture

How to Frame a Picture

Picture this: you’ve found the perfect way to display your magical family memories while also enhancing the overall style, look and feel in your home! Showcasing your family photographs is one of those finishing touches that truly takes your space from a house, to a home. Whether you are planning on creating an eye-catching wall formation, hanging a photograph front and centre if you simply want to introduce a pop of personality to your side tables, display cabinets and bookcases, then you are going to need picture frames. Keep reading for a full how-to on framing, styling, browsing and displaying picture frames…

How to frame a picture 

First, let’s take a look at the ABCs of picture framing. While relatively simple, there are a few things you need to tick off in order to frame your photograph easily. Once you learn the right way to go about this task, you’ll find that you’re able to seamlessly frame your photographs each and every time you need to – a very handy skill to have on your side, and one that can save you time and additional expenses from having a professional do it for you! 

To frame a picture like a pro, the first thing you need to do is find the perfect picture frame for holding all those treasurable memories. 

Choosing a picture frame 

When it comes to selecting the right picture frame there are a few basics that you need to consider before you start planning where to display your artwork or photographs. 


Choose from a leaning picture frame with a supportive backing that can sit on top of your tables, in your display cabinets or on other flat surfaces like your bedside tables, home desk or hall console table. You can also opt for a picture frame that you can mount onto your wall, to slot into existing wall formations or to display front and centre, all on its own. Both are versatile and convenient choices so have a think about the size of the room and where you plan on placing your newest display piece to make the best selection for your individual needs. 


The size of your photograph or chosen artwork will steer you towards the right photo frame for you – but if you do fall for a smaller frame and your photograph is slightly too large, you can also try your hand at cropping your photo to make it fit perfectly to your frame of choice. You can also consider leaving some negative space between the photograph and the edge of the picture frame, which will create an airy effect that will emphasise the impact of your photograph or artwork – this works particularly well for larger pieces that will take centre stage on a wall and serve as a real design feature piece in one of your family rooms. From the accent and compact to the oversized and impactful, size can make all the difference when it comes to displaying your family photographs and artworks. Consider your desired effect, the size of your photograph and where you plan on placing your picture to make the right decision for you and your home decor. 


Lastly, style! The look and feel of your picture frame can completely transform a room and the overarching effect of your chosen photograph – so this decision is not one to take lightly! There are plenty of options out there when it comes to exploring different styles, and the best way to make the right choice for you is to choose a frame that is both stylish and fitting to the existing decor in your family home, or in the particular room where you are planning on placing your photograph. Prioritise versatile, fresh and natural materials to make a timeless selection that can house any photographs without interrupting the colours and look and the actual piece – you want a frame that is going to enhance, not overpower!

Picture frame design ideas

Take a look at these picture frame design ideas to spark your inspiration when you are searching for the right fit for your home. 

Perfectly patterned 

A wooden frame decorated with a subtle pattern is going to illuminate your photograph beautifully without taking away from the memory inside. Prioritise a natural material such as wood in a light wash with a floral motif or botanical patterns for a stunning addition that is sure to make any flat surface or wall display pop. 

tiare 4x6 frame white wash

Think, texture 

If you’re looking for a tonal photo frame with a little more to it, consider an embossed photo frame in a monochromatic colour profile that emphasises that textural elements. A dove grey or soft white works amazingly when you are wanting to highlight the raised artwork across the frame.

meadow resin 4x6 photo frame white

Elegant, yet earthy

Look for a patterned picture frame in an array of understated colours like sandy beige, grey, cream and taupe for a striking yet sophisticated accessory that adds a little more to your space. The tonal feel of the colour scheme means that you won’t risk fighting with the composition of your chosen photograph – a win-win when it comes to nailing your interior design!

cheyenne 4x6 inlay frame ivory

Which of these picture frame designs will you add to your family home? Start exploring your options at 1825 Interiors today.

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