How To Expertly Style Your Sofa With Cushions

How To Expertly Style Your Sofa With Cushions

In the interior decorating world, cushions have always been a crowd favourite for their ability to instantly transform a room. Buying cushions is the best way spruce up a chair, bed, or sofa without breaking the bank. But if you're struggling to intuit which cushion is best for you, how do you know if you're making the right decision? Well, it just so happens that we’ve come up with a super simple method for choosing the perfect cushion combo for your home every time.


Cushions are always in an interior designer's toolbox for people wanting to bring new life to an old furniture favourite. To get started, take a good hard look at what you’re working with. If it’s the family sofa, what colour is it? Is the fabric plain or textured? Is there already a dominant colour theme in the room that you’re looking to work with, or do you want to introduce a new accent?

Pro tip: If your sofa originally came with scatter cushions in the same fabric, taking one along will save you a major headache when you’re flipping through fabric samples for your new cushions and wondering which will look best. (You can thank us later.)



If you’d rather not mix too many colours but still want to have some variety, try pairing fabrics in just one shade with a couple of different patterns. It’s a fantastic way to create visual interest without working your way through the entire rainbow. Mix your patterns with a few solid-coloured cushions, and voila! Welcome to your stylish new lounge suite.



The options truly are endless when it comes to custom-made cushions and, if you really want to kick things up a notch, consider ordering a matching ottoman (or even a feature chair) in a statement fabric to complete the look.

Custom-made cushions are a super easy, super affordable way to revamp your home. By limiting the contrasting or patterned fabrics to inexpensive items like cushions and ottomans, you can quickly change the look of your living area by updating these further down the track.

Could your home use a facelift?

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