How To Decorate A Music Room

How To Decorate A Music Room

Oh, to be lucky enough to have the space for a music room! As a brass instrumentalist, I dream of having my own space to play, write, and study music for hours on end. So here, I reveal some tips on what makes a good music room, beyond the music-making equipment.

To begin, you need two pieces of furniture. The first is a desk, or some sort of side table. I don’t know a musician who doesn’t need a flat surface for some reason, whether it’s for the music-making (e.g. a desktop computer, MIDI keyboard, and so on) or ancillary to the endeavour (e.g. as a handy place to keep instrument mutes you might need in the piece you’re practising).

The second piece of furniture is the bookcase, which is handy for those musicians among us who still use printed sheet music. In my room—though it’s a bedroom, study, and music room all in one—I find the Tuscan Slim Bookcase has shelves of the perfect size. While the bookcase is compact, the shelves have no trouble fitting my sheet music, which is usually larger than A4. Plus, it has a handy bottom drawer (where I keep things like instrument lubricants), and atop the bookcase I can display my paraphernalia and other music-related stuff (like my old military bugle).

And to top it all off, 1825’s reclaimed timber furniture allows me to enjoy my hobby in a more environmentally friendly way.

Something else you’ll need in your room is a really supportive chair, or multiple such chairs if you're a music tutor or you have mates coming over to play, depending on how and why they’re used. For something simple and lightweight that does the job, I can’t beat the French Cross dining chair. You can sit there playing for hours on end and still not get sore—at least not from the chair! But for something a bit more luxurious, one of our Gallery chairs can’t go amiss.

Finally, just add your décor. This doesn’t necessarily have to be music-related, but it should certainly help you feel inspired to make good music. For example, consider having a painting. Art often inspires other art, after all!

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