How To Decorate A Library

How To Decorate A Library

If you’re a bit of a bookworm—or you live with one—then chances are you’ve thought about converting one of your rooms (or at least part of one) into a library. If not, then chances are you could use one anyway. Libraries these days aren’t just for paperbacks, but also films, music (both audio and sheet music), or really any other large collection you might have that’s suitable for display. Moreover, the library is a room where you can enjoy this collection, or anything else, in peace and quiet.

So, how does one go about decorating a library? Here are three easy steps:


It should be fairly obvious that a library would feature bookcases. Bookcases are glorious and beautiful, but they’re also among the largest pieces of furniture you can buy. So rather than lining the room with bookcases, a lighter alternative is to have one centrepiece bookcase surrounded by a few leaning shelves. Not only will this save space and make the room feel lighter, but it’ll be easier on your wallet, too.



Libraries tend to take living room furniture. So, for starters, get yourself a gorgeous fabric chair or one-seater sofa. (Good books are best enjoyed in comfy chairs, after all.) If you like to put your feet up, make sure you grab an ottoman, or at least a comfy cushion you can pop on the coffee table in front of you. If you’re going for the ottoman route, though, be sure to consider getting it custom-made with your fabric chair, as then you can optimise the upholstery and cushioning to suit your needs perfectly.

If your library is for viewing or listening pleasure, be sure also to grab an entertainment unit (i.e., a TV unit) large enough to fit a nice sound system. Alternatively, if you only plan to be reading, skip the entertainment unit and grab a lamp table instead. You’re going to need some light in there, after all.



Speaking of lighting, this is among the most important things in your library. It’s hard to read a book without appropriate lighting, after all. So, while you might opt for some overhead mood lighting, be sure you’ve got a good lamp on your side table. With eco-friendly light bulbs, of course!

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