How To Create Everlasting Style

How To Create Everlasting Style

Do you ever look at a friend’s home or a photo on Instagram and think, “Hell’s bells! I wish I could design my interiors as timelessly that!”? Don’t abandon hope! Creating a home with everlasting style is as easy as 1, 2, 3…


Furniture is like clothing: most of your wardrobe will be filled with basics that can be easily mixed and matched and won’t go out of fashion. Just like you might go for a grey marle t-shirt, for example, you might go for a sofa upholstered with durable grey, beige, or similarly neutral fabric.

Don’t get me wrong, fuchsia velvet sofas are excellent statement pieces and will look stunning in the right space. But do you think fuchsia velvet sofas are still going to be stylish in 20 years, or even three years? Buy intelligently, not impulsively!


Just like your wardrobe, you’ll want to have a few fun pieces in your home to add personality and to keep your place looking on-trend. What are fun pieces? They’re usually homewares, such as cushions, wall art, throw blankets, ceramics, and so on.

Even pieces as inexpensive as seat cushions can keep your room looking fresh.

Pro-tip: when you’re decorating a room with furniture and homewares, don’t forget about the room itself! A pot of paint can radically change the character of your room, and it’s so easy to repaint a feature wall in future when you feel like something different.



Although guides about furniture styles may help us understand what sorts of home décor we like, ultimately it’s up to us to know ourselves and our tastes. For example, while I might love Nordic design, my partner is more into the rustic and industrial looks, sometimes with some country influence. Regardless of your tastes, the key is to be strong enough to be true to our tastes, however much other people may want to tell you how to furnish your home. Especially if those people come from another generation…

But more seriously, sometimes that person trying to tell you what to do will be your significant other. If you’re in a relationship which requires you to compromise on décor decisions, firstly, poor you! But secondly, take the time to find a piece that’s right for both of you. The Oslo collection really suits my partner and I, for example, as it infuses the raw, rustic textures she likes so much into the Nordic character I like so much. And better yet, it’s made with reclaimed timber, which accords with the values of us both.

So in summary, what’s the key to everlasting style? It’s simple: buy less, buy better, and be true to your personal sense of style.

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