How To Create An Authentic French Provincial Look

How To Create An Authentic French Provincial Look

If you love the style of homes in Provence and the Loire valley, you'll be happy to know that it's easy to recreate the French Provincial look in your own home. Let's step into the world of French country living and take a look at how you can bring this timeless style to life.


The key to French Provincial furniture is to keep it fresh and simple, preferably in shades of white. Your aim is to combine elegance with functionality, with plenty of room to move.

Make a French Provincial dining table the focal point in your kitchen or dining area, ensuring that the size suits the dimensions of the room to avoid overcrowding. Versatile and supremely stylish, the French Cross bent wood chair is the most popular café chair in Europe and is now a favourite for Australian homes. It features a cross back design with a comfortable rattan seat and works beautifully with a French Provincial dining table.


For the lounge room, tones of white are key for essential pieces like sofas and armchairs.To add an authentic flavour, statement pieces can include vintage French Provincial furniture like armoires, paired with gold-striped chairs and daybeds.


A mix of lighting in your home will enhance the French Provincial look. Try using lamps instead of overhead lights to create mood. Naturally, a beautiful crystal chandelier is perfect, especially for a formal space such as a dining or lounge room. To make your windows and doors look ultra French, hang extra-long curtains so they drop into 'puddles' on the floor, and select sheer, 'floaty' fabrics in cream or white.


Accessorising a French Provincial home is endless fun, as you can blend old with new for authentic appeal. In the kitchen, you can line splashbacks with small mosaic tiles, bring out all of your best crockery for display and accessorise with old copper pots, wrought iron, rustic baskets and fresh or top quality artificial flowers.

Assemble some of your most treasured items and place them together on a console table in the living room or bedroom. If you have a selection of photos, prints or paintings that work well together, group them all on the same wall starting 30cm above the console table.

Soft furnishings, such as rugs, cushions and throws in florals or stripes, are perfect for any surface to add a cosy feel.

Wicker and wire baskets are imbued with French flavour, while also acting as great storage options for clothes, food, toys or books.

Creating a French Provincial look doesn’t have to be daunting, just remember to keep it inviting, personal and uncomplicated.

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