How To Create A Hamptons-Style Home

How To Create A Hamptons-Style Home

One of our favourite ways to enjoy chic, summer vibes all year round is with Hamptons-style decorating. Not only is this look timeless and effortlessly elegant, it’s also surprisingly budget-friendly to recreate in your family home.



Originally, the inspiration for what is now known as Hamptons-style interior decorating came from an area of Long Island in New York—specifically, a group of little townships called The Hamptons. The homes and establishments in this area were coveted for their soft, neutral colour palette, timber floors, relaxed linen sofas, and blue and white-striped accessories. All in all, the style has come to represent the epitome of chic coastal living.


To begin with, take a leaf out of the books of 21st Century minimalists and tone the colour scheme right down. After all, have you ever seen a fuchsia dining table in a Hamptons home? No, us neither. Instead, create a clean slate with white walls and even floorboards. A Hamptons-style colour palette consists of natural, sandy, linen tones for carpets, rugs and upholstery. 


Then, finally, layer in your accent colour group of choice. Blues reminiscent of wide-open skies and ocean vistas are always a safe bet—though a few hints of cool green never go astray.


Your next task is to clear the clutter—and be brutal about it! Open spaces are a fundamental component of Hamptons styling and, no, you don’t need to be quadrillionaire with a 15-bedroom home to achieve this feeling of space. Clever storage will be a tremendous help, here, but try your best to do a proper clear out first. 



Now, the fun part: you’re ready to decorate! Providing you keep your furnishings coastal, sophisticated and welcoming, you can bring your personal style into play when choosing furniture and accessories as you create your Hamptons-inspired home. Don’t shy away from spacious lounges, scatter cushions, textured throws and rugs in the decorating process.  

Hamptons style decorating celebrates summertime, coastal getaways and everything that goes along with that time of year. It’s no wonder it’s a favourite among interior design enthusiasts all over the world. 

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