How To Choose A Desk For A Small Space

How To Choose A Desk For A Small Space

Whether you’re a school or uni student living at home, or you’re renting a studio and looking for somewhere to fit a desk for hardcore gaming work, many of us haven’t the luxury of a dedicated study, home office, or library to for getting stuff done. Nevertheless, there are times when you really need a space other than the kitchen counter or the dining/coffee table to do your work—especially if you’re sharing a place with people who aren’t big on the whole homework thing!

So, how does one choose a desk appropriate for a small space? It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…



This is obvious. As useful as it might be, you can’t go buying a 1500mm long desk if you’ve got to stuff your desk in a corner next to an established pot plant!

The sweet spot for small desks is generally a width of 1000–1300mm. Any wider and you’ve got a desk for a large space; any narrower and your desk risks becoming unfit for purpose.



If you’ve only got one room to yourself or you’re in a studio, chances are you’ve already had to think about clever storage solutions. The desk is one piece of furniture for which storage is not just a matter of convenience, it’s a matter of necessity—especially if you’re a full-time student.

So, you should evaluate your needs carefully. Have you already got storage down pat? If so, you can probably afford to stick to one desk drawer or avoid it altogether. Alternatively, if you don’t have the room for many other handy bits of storage, you’ll want to be considering a desk with two or three spacious drawers.

Pro tip: if you’re taller or wider than the average person, make sure you test your desk in-store to ensure you’ve got enough leg room! (Also helps to buy an office chair at the same to get the proportions just right.)



Small spaces are prone to becoming cluttered. If you feel like your space is cluttered enough as it is, the last thing you want to do is add a heavy desk and start triggering people’s claustrophobia!

One way to avoid cluttering your space is by matching a barebones desk with an open bookcase. That way you get tonnes of storage and a practical working space without cluttering your small room.


Happy shopping!

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