Hamptons-Style Decorating Tips And Ideas For Your Home

Hamptons-Style Decorating Tips And Ideas For Your Home

Vacationing in the Hamptons is the ultimate in luxury, mostly due to the myriad of flawlessly decorated homes that evoke lavish comfort in relaxed, beachy surroundings. As a locale, the exclusive holiday destination in New York’s Long Island is synonymous with laid-back coastal luxury.

With inspired interior design trends, you can effortlessly bring timeless Hamptons style decor to your home, letting your space exude beachside chic all year round. From paint colours to essential accessories, use these five simple steps to create a Hamptons-inspired look for your home that will have you feeling like you’re permanently on vacation.


1. Start with a Base

Start designing your Hamptons style home with a great base that sets the tone for the whole room. Unsurprisingly, this timeless style veers toward white, which makes a perfect and easy-to-pair base as it goes with everything. Paint your walls a crisp shade of white, unless you have whitewashed flooring; in this case, opt for a light blue paint or cool grey on your walls. There are endless shades of white, so choose one with cooler undertones to fully reflect the classic Hamptons style. This will be the dominant tone in your home, complemented by accent colours to brighten up and fill out your Hamptons style house.


2. Choose Your Furnishings

After choosing your base, it’s time to find furnishings to bring your space together. What is Hamptons style without gorgeous furniture for you to sink into? Look for high quality, beautiful pieces that will truly reflect classic Hamptons style decorating and will comfortably last you for years to come. Unique, white-painted or natural timber pieces that are both sturdy and look like they have a history are the perfect choices for your home. For timeless furniture pieces, soft furnishings and inspiration, browse 1825 Interiors’ Hamptons Style Furniture.


3. Add Accents

Accent colours are ultimately where the Hamptons decorating style shines through. Colour your space with a spectrum of blues, from ocean blue to sky blue, bright yellows, earthy linen hues, and even a tiny touch of coral. Play with lace, florals, ceramics and glass to give a variety of textures to your colour palette. Paint a large, central wall for a statement, or purchase your soft furnishings in a range of pastels to complement your space for an interchangeable arrangement.


4. Play with Accessories

Let accessories bring the room together and tie in all your style elements in your Hamptons style living room. Cushions are a must, as are decorative vignettes on various surfaces. Your room should not look bare -- remember that an authentic beach house collects artefacts over the years that give it a lived-in appearance. Every element should complement each other. Nautical accessories are great, but intersperse them with pieces in comforting linen, straw, and wicker. To avoid a distinctly sailor vibe to your room, decorate solely with light colours and space out your decorative, nautical pieces.


5. Create Layers

Steer clear of a sparse, minimalistic look when decorating in a Hamptons style.

Create visual layers that draw the eye—side tables create visually appealing layers, as do deep couches and armchairs. For a comfortable feel, rugs and throws can add a level of warmth to the room while still belonging to the same colour palette. Play with the height of any furniture to create dimension. Your Hamptons style interior decorating ideas should look like they have all come together naturally, instead of being carefully placed. Keep everything at eye level or under to maintain an elegant style. Avoid over-cluttering your space. Beach houses should contain an overwhelming feeling of space, something that is hard to maintain with too much furniture. A lack of furniture can be counteracted with rugs and blankets. Decorate with candles and trinkets for a lived-in atmosphere.


Now that you know how to perfectly decorate in this style, it's time to put all these tips to good use creating your dream Hamptons-inspired home!

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