Four Dining Tables To Distinguish Your Home

Four Dining Tables To Distinguish Your Home

For thousands of years, human beings have congregated around the dining table to share stories, good food, and the news of the day.

It should come as no surprise, then, that the humble dining table has had a huge role to play in the merriment (or otherwise) of any gathering of family and friends—and continues to do so today. Whether your aim is as lofty as fundamentally changing the dynamic of family conversations, or as simple as just wanting something different, here are four options you should consider when you next have the opportunity re-furnish your dining room:



Times of crisis call for fundamental changes in ways we choose to live our lives—even down to the dining tables we buy.

Luckily, we’ve got a solution! Reclaimed timber is a durable, affordable and characterful material for your dining table with the added benefit of reducing your contribution to landfill.



If you’ve ever wished for a dining table that adapts to the number of people who need to dine around it, look no further than the extension table. Commonly designed with dimensions of 1400/1800mm (for 4–6 people) or 1800/2300mm (for 6–8 people), extension tables feature a nifty contraption which adds extra table when you need it, while keeping it hidden when you don’t. How clever is that?!



Although saying something has “democratic design” reeks of pretentiousness, it really is the most appropriate way to describe the square dining table. Why? Well, because no-one is at the ‘head’ of the table (a feature square dining tables share with round ones—more on those in a sec). Subtle features like that really influence how people feel when dining at your table, consciously or otherwise. So if you’re looking to make a point about everyone feeling equally welcome and respected, the square dining table is one excellent way to go.



The round dining table is an elegant and sophisticated design which has never gone out of fashion among home enthusiasts. After all, making a perfect circle out of any timber, let alone reclaimed timber, is only possible with the care, skill, and artistic precision of a person who really knows their stuff. So it’s hardly surprising that people have coveted the round dining table for their family home since long before you or I were born.

So there you have it: four options you should consider to distinguish your home next time you go dining table shopping. Have fun!

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