Decorating With Vases – Ways To Create Beautiful Displays

Decorating With Vases – Ways To Create Beautiful Displays

Those personal touches are what makes a house a home. Although your centrepiece furniture and overarching style undoubtedly strikes a first impression, it is the small and delicate details that bring your entire space to life – making your home an environment that truly reflects your family’s character. 

Vases are a brilliant way to introduce a welcoming and unique feel to any room in your home. Whether you’re looking to amplify your living room, kitchen, hallway, dining room, study or bedrooms, decorating with vases is a simple way to strike a showstopping impression. From small accent shapes to large statement pieces, there’s no limits when it comes to the charm and character that a few vases can create. Read our vase decorating ideas below to add elegance and style to any area of your household. 

Decorating With Vases – Where To Start

Before you begin decorating, it is important to understand your home’s style and take stock of the look you are trying to create. 

Consider your colour scheme 

When you are choosing your vases, take a look at your colour scheme. Your new addition should complement the existing tone of the space, rather than clash with it – unless you are looking to create a statement, eclectic room. If the room in question is already neutral toned or more minimalist, use your vase to bring a bold pop of colour. If the space is bright and colourful, a neutral tone will build up character without overpowering the design work that is already at play. Alternately, selecting a vase that is in keeping with your colour scheme will add an effortlessly stylish splash.

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Choosing the right shape

The shape of a vase is one of the most significant factors to consider when choosing the right one for your decor. The shape can be purely chosen on the planned flowers or greenery that you plan on placing inside, while also adding interest and texture to the room. For example, a slender, taller vase will work beautifully with long stemmed flowers while a curving, shorter vase is more suited to compact arrangements or plants. 

Think about materials

The materials that your vases are crafted from carries a significant weight when it comes to the tone they create. If you are looking for a classic and versatile choice that never goes out of style, consider a light glass vase enhanced with textural details. For a rustic charm, look to ceramic vases in rounded shapes. Metal vases are a brilliant choice if you are looking to make a sleek minimalist statement, while terracotta vases will introduce a natural touch. Consider the materials already at play in your room, such as timber furniture, glassware or metallic finishes, and select vases that will complement them.

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Can You Decorate With Empty Vases?

Vases do not have to be reserved for fresh bouquets of flowers – in fact, choosing to leave a vase empty can dial up the impact of your display and makes sure that you are adding a stylish edge to your home that won’t fade away. When you are presenting vases on their own, this is a great opportunity to combine a mix of colours and textures to create an eye-catching display that brings character to a bookshelf, coffee table or a side table. Combining different shapes such as organic curves, large cylindrical vases and rectangular glass pieces in a variety of heights and finishes immediately brings a considered and thoughtful tone to the feel of your entire room. This will accentuate the atmosphere in your space without overwhelming or overcrowding, making this design choice ideal for all homes – big or small.

If you are styling a more compact room, select airier shades such as cream, tonal beige and tinted glass. Neutral tones will blend seamlessly with all your additional accoutrements and they are a timeless choice that are going to flow with any changes in your styling choices over time. The versatility makes this a great investment that you will love and style for many years to come. 

How Do You Display A Vase In Your House?

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Curating a focal point across a surface or display area of your room is both quick and impactful. When it comes to decorating with vases, there really are no rules. The beauty of this accessory is that it can be switched up or changed out over time, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different formations until you find the right look and feel for your space. 

Choose your display point and clear an open space, then place your vase or selection of vases in a few different variations. Be sure to take a few steps back and take a picture of your additions, this will make comparing your options easier. Once you’re happy with your styling, you can add your fresh flowers, dried bouquets or greenery. 

Watch your room come to life with the quick addition of even one or two vases! Begin exploring all the options available for beautiful new vases suited to your family home to get started.

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