Cosy Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Cosy Bedroom Decorating Ideas

When you think of cosy bedrooms, what springs to mind? Is it your favourite mattress—with your ideal level of firmness—and a comfy duo of doona and pillow? If so, we wouldn’t blame you. A quality mattress and pillow, enwrapped in the cosiest temperature, are the makings of quality sleep.

Whilst this is a fantastic base for the nightly shut-eye—and we can provide a literal base for this endeavour, as well—it is just that: a base. How about we take your vanilla sponge of sleep and raise you some icing on that cake? We’re talking about everything from functional furniture to decorative embellishments. What do you need to unlock sleep that is not only high-quality but also optimal?

Image: 1825 Interiors

And this, sleep lovers, is where the conversation really begins. At 1825 Interiors, we are all across bedroom interior design—from styles vintage to modern, or elegant to minimalist. Our website is more or less a trendy clothing catalogue for your home, so you’ve already stumbled into a lush, well-furnished goldmine. 

Maybe you want to review our genres of bedroom interior design and see what suits your home and preferences. Maybe you already have a favourite and just require some styling pointers. Whatever your situation, we’ve got you (doona) covered with some serious nuggets of wisdom in this here goldmine. Let’s unearth the cosy as we discuss how to decorate a bedroom the 1825 way.


Ah, modern interior design: the clean, linear aesthetic that speaks volumes with blank spaces. If postmodern interior design is about bright colours and funky angles, then its modern predecessor loves neutrals and straight lines. Modernism and postmodernism may sit side-by-side on the chronological line of history, but they are deemed separate eras for a reason. Compare the following WeWork office’s staunchly postmodern design with the below bedroom’s more muted, modern aesthetic:

WeWork offices are all about the funky colours and angles. Photo: Dan Gold from Unsplash.


Meanwhile, modern bedrooms can be drained of colour and tend to keep their lines straight. Image: 刘 强 from Unsplash.

If you’re digging the modern bedroom look, you’ll want a sturdy base in the form of a timber floor—or, at least, a neutral-coloured carpet. The walls should follow suit, or perhaps introduce visual variation with texture or a dash of accent colour. What do we mean by ‘texture’? Well, if you’re not going to express modernism through crisp, white walls (or walls of any shade on the neutral colour wheel), then you should let earth’s own elements speak your subtle variation. If such modernist walls could talk, they would make their statements through the grooves of rough brickwork or sandstone, or through the earth-eroded inconsistencies of stone or wood since smoothed by human hand.

You can also mix and match colour and texture. Unlike these walls, interior design rules aren’t set in stone! Image: Amira Aboalnaga from Unsplash.

Such a neutral base is the ideal, almost blank canvas for modern bedroom styling. Shaded white, beige, grey, charcoal, and black, our 
bed frames and headboards can be a thematic extension of this canvas. All you’d need to do is work the decor to your advantage. 

Accent pieces, such as rugs, cushions, or wall art, are features you can definitely bring into your own bedroom interior design. Not dissimilar to the modernist philosophy that form follows function, these pieces are to be chosen well and used sparingly. So, whilst it can be tempting to treat blank, white walls like an art gallery, it’s important to remember that accent pieces create single focal points and complement existing colour theming. The occasional splash of decorative decor can make a modern bedroom look amazing, so long as it plays into a predominantly two-toned colour scheme.


Not unlike modern interior design, minimalism loves neutral tones, clean lines, and blank spaces. The distinction between the two is in their respective philosophies. Modernism believes that form follows function, and it is not impartial to flourishes or decorative decor that would complement or align with their otherwise functional furniture. Minimalism, on the other hand, stems from the lifestyle philosophy of using only that which is necessary. When designing a room, the purpose is not to promote aesthetics and comfort so much as it is to create something simple and uncluttered, achieving this through only the bare necessities.

So, if you’re looking for minimalist bedroom decor, our advice would be to stick with the unadorned basics. Whether you’re looking for bedside tables, dressers, or lamps, stick to neutral tones. Minimalism expresses movement through shape and line rather than colour. Though it’s not a bedroom item, we think our Luxe Side Table embodies minimalism quite well:

Image: 1825 Interiors

Made from neutral-toned timber, our Luxe Side Table creates movement with its accentuated criss-cross legs. At times, we all need a minimalist reminder that we can create beauty with what we have, free from the weight of decorative embellishments or louder colour choices. A minimalist bedroom removes all that noise, toning it down to a volume optimal for sleep.


Unlike modernism and minimalism, elegant interior design does not stem from a particular artistic era or lifestyle philosophy. At its core, elegance is an adjective defined as ‘the quality of being graceful and stylish in appearance or manner’. As you may imagine, this adjective can apply to varying shades of interior design. Let’s review some bedroom decor that fits the ‘elegant’ epithet.

Image: 1825 Interiors

If your bedroom is a place of reflection, why not add a mirror? We have a wide selection of mirrors from which to choose, whether you prefer simple frames or something more intricate. Mirror, mirror, on the wall; which design outshines them all? Though we haven’t the aesthetic discernment of a magic mirror, we’re going to take a swing and say the Diamonds Are Forever Mirror is our most elegant. From its ornate frame to its actual diamond shape, this mirror will make an elegant addition to any room of your house.

Image: 1825 Interiors

Blanket boxes are the unsung heroes of bedroom decor. Why use a linen cupboard when you can keep blankets encased at the foot of the bed? At 1825 Interiors, we have an assortment of blanket boxes available, but we think the Burlesque Storage Bench is the most elegant. From its hand-buttoned lid to its stud work at the base, this neutral-toned storage bench would fit seamlessly into your bedroom or any room of your house. Perfect for blanket storage and for taking a seat, there is something almost regal about the Burlesque Storage Bench.

Image: 1825 Interiors

Whilst you could argue that all of our bedside tables are elegant, we think the Bandung Rattan Side Table With Glass Top would come out on (glass) top in any contest of elegant bedroom decor. The ultimately versatile side table, you could use this transparent surface beside your sofa or your bed. This side table turns the tables on the ornate lattice window, framing its glass frontispiece with handwoven, white rattan. Look close enough and you’ll see secret swirled corners that give this piece not only a human touch but also an elegant twist.

The above arrangement is a beautiful example of a shabby chic bedroom. Not unlike the Hamptons style, shabby chic is built on a base of whitewashed furniture made from natural materials. Can’t you just feel the relaxed authenticity radiating from our Kuta Rattan Queen Headboard in white?

If ‘shabby’ is the base, then ‘chic’ is the feminine outer layer. In this photo, the feminine touch takes the form of baby pink bedclothes, which yet blush beside their bedside vignette of neutral colours. If you need some side table ideas for your bedroom, take a leaf out of this bedside arrangement—literally—and place a plant beside your lamp. 

However you arrange your decor and knickknacks, ensure the colours and patterns match—or at least echo—your ‘feminine outer layer’ or ‘chic’ sentiment. In this example, the bed is like an understated Iced Vovo, and to echo this sweet visual treat, the decor downplays itself with neutrals that would merely graze soft pinks on the colour wheel. 

Shabby chic bedrooms needn’t necessarily follow a two-layer template—you can keep them predominantly whitewashed—but their chicness should manifest in pastel hues, ornate decor, or even floral finishing touches. Try painting your walls baby blue—or affix wallpaper in your girliest, most floral pattern—to contrast against white bedclothes. Or your chic could speak through occasional splashes of colour or accent pieces. If you want some wall decor ideas for your bedroom, refer back to our Diamonds Are Forever Mirror—or any mirror with an ornate, elegant frame.


So, we’ve come to the end of our little bedroom tour. Which style was your favourite? Do you have a specific look in mind for your bedroom? Whatever your plans may be, we hope that you found some inspiration here at 1825 Interiors. Our team is passionate about creating beautiful spaces, and we would love to help bring your dream bedroom to life. If you need any help deciding on a style or finding the perfect pieces to fit your vision, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We would be more than happy to assist you in creating the cosy oasis you deserve. Thanks for reading!

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